Dining in Dallas | 001




I Like Food

Simple enough.  So check out where I’m eating while roaming around Dallas.


Now, don’t let my 100 pound frame fool you.  Food is like, my first love.


Ok, the Food

Alforno’s Italian Kitchen

If you are my friend, (which, if you’re reading Old World New Girl, I do consider you to be my virtual friend) you must know that I say & firmly believe that “Olive Garden is not Italian!”  I mean, yea it’s Italian, but it’s a chain and it isn’t my favorite place in the world.  I’ll leave it at that.

So, when I find an Italian restaurant that is authentic –  dare I say, “hole in the wall” – I go a little crazy excited.  Alforno’s is excitement worthy.  I ordered gnocchi bolognese, pronounced “nyo-key bo-lon-ye-see,”  and it was DELICIOUS!  See the cellular phone photographic evidence.


The serving was large, the gnocchi was large and fluffy, the sauce was very tasty with just the right amount of meat (ground beef).  I absolutely loved it.

It also helped that it was a first date *insert cheesy grin.*

4.5/5 on my scale.  Wonderful.

Where do you get your Italian cuisine?

What’s your favorite “hole in the wall” Italian restaurant in your part of the world?  Maybe I’ll get to visit one day =)


What do you think?

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