Dining in Dallas | 002

Want to know something I’m not big on?  Chain restaurants.  They usually lack authenticity, therefore their food tends to be lacking in.. everything.  But, wait!  There’s a whole new world of chain restaurants out here in Dallas that I’ve never experienced before.


As you sing along in your head =)

And I’ve found some that I just might like.  For instance…


Cajun food?  Yes ☑

Large portions?  Sí ☑

Snazzy drinks?  mmmhmm ☑

Over the top + amazing decor? It has that ☑

5/5 {} on my scale?  Yessir! ☑

The Catfish Po’Boy that I ordered and received was simple and amazing.  Simply amazing.  Seasoned and fried to perfection, along with my side of okra, and okra is one of my favorite foods.  So besides the deliciousness of the meal, that gave my rating an automatic boost.

Did I mention that I had leftovers?  A meal that is big enough for me to have leftovers that aren’t nasty after being reheated always gets a gold star from me!


get it? Rachel Berry.. Gold Star!  Only a Gleek would understand – “… it’s a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold star’s a metaphor for me being a star.”

“Way to go, Razzoo’s!”

If you’ve never tried Razzoo’s, find one and go today!  If you have, tell me about your experience there.  Are you a Razzoo?

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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