Fashionably Late | What’s in your Fall/Winter 2013 Closet?

Summer is officially over and the Autumn Equinox has graced the world with its presence.  I’m no fan of cool weather, and don’t get me started on how I suffer in the cold.   In order to overcome my usual warm to freezing fashionably horrid transition, I’m going to share the best looks.  Here are a few of my Fall/Winter ’13 Essentials.

a versatile maxi skirt

that you can mix and match with different tops and layered tees and jackets



preferably homemade ones =D get your knit and crochet on, or commission someone to do so for you.. ahem, like ME! lol


a slouchy sweater

read: Granddad’s sweater – one that makes you look snazzy on your not so snazzy feeling days sweater_1

rugged boots

I promise I’m not going for the bum look =) Check out some of these Aldo boots for $100 & under.


Elyta – $60 at Aldo


Jons – $100 at Aldo

kitty prints.. rawr!

check out my post about animal prints.  ROAR!

Wet Seal Animal Head Sweater

Wet Seal Animal Head Sweater

What are your Fall/Winter favorites & must-haves?  Comment below, I’d love to hear your fashion tips!


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