Free in Fort Worth

In an attempt to be frugal, I’ve been searching the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for free fun!  I love Kimbell Art Museum and it was one of my first places to explore once I moved to Dallas (see my first Kimbell post), so I stopped by again this past weekend.  I checked out the Free in Fort Worth site, and there were so many places to visit on the list.  The Fort Worth Botanic Garden was the winner!  Meaning, I got to enjoy it in all of its splendor, along with my handsome guy.

Back at Kimbell Art Museum

The last time I visited Kimbell, I was über excited about the Mondrian paintings.. This time I gave attention to some strikingly beautiful portraits and and scenic paintings.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

The garden was interesting and beautiful!  It was full of life: family photo shoots, a quinceañera photo shoot, couples holding hands, a wedding, families playing football, children running and giggling!  This garden has it all.  I will definitely go back and enjoy it again, and maybe next time I’ll explore the Japanese garden & conservatory, which require a fee to enter.  But the free Garden Center was more than enough to explore for an afternoon.

My guy & I being Fashionably Late

My “Free in Fort Worth” day was so much fun, and the list of free things to do in Fort worth is impressive, so I will definitely explore it some more.

What are your favorite free activities and locations in your city?  Share them with me below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!

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