Fashionably Late | Shorts in Autumn




Buh-bye Summer, Hello Autumn


I always have a hard time letting go of summer.  As I am generally cold by nature, its never too long into fall before I’m constantly bundling up – even when most people think it is still nice outside.  Dallas rolls into autumn slower than I’m used to in Fayetteville, AR, thus I can pretend summer hasn’t left yet for a little while longer.  Recently, the beaux and I explored Fort Worth (for free) and I was able to dress up and enjoy some of the last bits of warmth this year has to offer.  Check out the outfit!

Mustard, The Color


Mustard is one of my favorite fall colors, and I kind of go overboard with it.  If you catch me in a craft store wandering through the yarn aisles, I usually leave with 1 skein of mustard colored yarn, in addition whatever else it is I actually went into the store for.  It stands out in any outfit, so it is easy to compliment it with a basic color, like black.

The Outfit


Thrifted, frugal, handmade, and #FabFound.




The shorts are Forever 21, but I purchased them at Plato’s Closet.  The shirt is a simple long sleeve tee from Wal Mart.  The patterned tights jazz up the outfit, and they are a Fab Find from Marshall’s.  I crocheted the bow with one of my unnecessarily (but, oh, so necessary) purchased skeins of Red Heart yarn in Mustard.  Lastly – you’ve probably seen those shoes in half of my posts – my thrifted little heels.  I call them my witch shoes.. Don’t they look like some shoes one of the witches from Oz would wear?  Yea, they do.  Ha!  It also helps that my lion’s mane blended in a tad bit with my blond-ish highlights.  I love my hair =)

But all this talk of mustard is making me hungry.  Sandwich, anyone?

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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