Fashionably Late | Concert Chic


I believe I’ve finally figured out a good concert outfit.

In Fayetteville, concerts aren’t a regular thing.  Here in the DFW area, a *star* is in town every other day at one of the many venues (Verizon theater, House of Blues, etc.).  With some trial and error, I’ve figured out a go-to manual for carefully and comfortably choosing the outfits I wear to concerts.


Flats, or A Touch of Heel

Shoes are of the utmost importance!  You will be on your feet for a major portion of a concert.  This time around I wore a touch of heel – because I’m short, and obviously, tall people could not care one tiny dripplet that I’m breaking my neck to see around them.  No stilettos; unfortunately, I’ve tried that before.  I need my feet to have feeling, and I don’t need to resort to walking barefoot because my feet are about to pass out and die.  These are Old Navy ankle boots, and they were perfect.  No shoe hangover (sore feet the next day because of a painful concert shoe experience)

Comfy Bottom Half

I wore my favorite jeans.  Check out how Curly Nikki styled and rocked sweat pants on a night out!

Simple Upper Half

Tees, sweaters, tanks, or something layered with a small jacket – all depending on the weather.  No matter how cold it is outside you are bound to get hot inside because of body heat.  I went for a plain white tee and a paneled jacket with a black jersey material and a black faux leather material.  It is a Marshalls #FabFound!


Snake bracelet, a hand crafted body chain (they’re not only for summer!), my favorite ring that I wear everywhere (thrift find), dangling earrings, a red lip (The Lip Bar), and a slouchy beanie hat I made myself based on this crochet hat pattern!  Accessorize your outfit however you want, and own it!

Own It!

All of those steps to make a great outfit + your personal shwag and a smile = perfection.   Take photos in a dimly lit area with an interesting background, and Voila!  #NewProfilePictureStatus

IMG_4650 IMG_4649

Now you can listen to great music in style!

I wore this to the Daley concert at the Dallas House of Blues.  If you don’t know Daley, allow me to introduce you!

I met Daley!  Now, let me introduce you to his music =)

I met Daley! Check out how we dressed alike with my black paneled jacket and gold body chain, and his black paneled shirt and bronze necklace.  That’s one stylish guy =)  If my hair was down, we would have been curly twins!

support the artist you went to see!

Support the artist you went to see!

Listen to the first song of his that I ever heard, Alone Together featuring Marsha Ambrosius.  It immediately made me fall in love with his music.  He has several mixtapes and EPs out, and he announced that his first album will hopefully be released in January!

Outfit Refresher Course

Old Navy booties

Marshalls paneled jacket

New York & Co. Jeans

The Lip Bar lipstick

Until next time, loves.  Ci Vediamo!!!


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