DIY | Quilling Christmas Ornament

Something like Quilling…

I recently participated in a Christmas ornament swap hosted by crafter [@]unpetitmeow ( via Instagram.  I wanted to try something different – so I broke away from the crochet needles that I have been attached to lately and tried my own little form of quilling. I have never quilled, so this will be an “ehhh, maybe do this” DIY.  But honestly, with some patience & google, quilling came quite easily to me.  Just roll the paper and glue, roll the paper and glue!  Note:  I purchased my quilling tools at a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store.  Not everyone carries these tools or the ready-cut paper.

Decide on a shape

The colors teal and pink were my ornament buddy’s favorite colors, and they automatically made me think of owls because of their prominence in little girls’ fashion and decor in the past few years.  Two simple circles joined together was the start of this birdy.  This shape could easily be a snowman or a chubby Santa!   I decided to have a base for my beginning level quilling in order to provide more structure than the free-form quilling where the little bits of paper are only glued to each other.


Choose your colors, Choose your shapes

I let the colors define the different body parts.  I made the tummy area orange, the eyes and beak yellow (all one piece), and the rest of the body pink.  When I googled “quilling” images, the one that picture that provided me with the most information belonged to @ Inna’s Creations.  I didn’t actually click through to the link (Easy DIY Stuff blog), but looking at it now, it too is VERY helpful for beginning quilling.


Quill & Glue

You’ve chosen your colors, shapes, and areas.  Now create the shape you want for specific areas, and glue them down.

Quilling steps


Keep going and make it flourish until you have the final product you love.  I glued my owl to a snowflake to make it more seasonally festive.  I couldn’t leave out my yarn altogether, either.  I used pink yarn to create the loop to place this sweet little ornament on my buddy’s tree!

quilled owl ornament-logo

Give this “something like quilling” a try and spread the Christmas joy!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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