Fashionably Late | Thrifted Skirts

Every day I’m Thrifting

I love a good thrift find. You can find virtually anything at a thrift store, and if you’re searching for clothes, make sure you know How To Thrift. In the last six months I have found out that I love old-fashioned skirts. Give me the polyester and wool, please. Give me some crazy prints on top of it, too.

Wear that Thrifted Skirt

My most recent outfit includes a floor length, maybe wool (who knows?), camel colored skirt that I found at a thrift store. I found it for less than $5, of course!


Add a simple top, like this Marshall’s #FabFound top, your favorite shoes and some accessories – voila!



A mixed era – new & thrifted – outfit with an interesting skirt for the focal point!



The old part of town in Irving, TX made for the perfect setting. The sunset was beautiful.


Check out these other skirts that I found while thrifting, as well! Vibrant, interesting, unique skirts make for a great outfit.

my sis said "look serious"... so I did lol.

I wore this thrifted skirt with a new shirt and shoes to visit Kimbell Art Museum for my first time last year.  See my post about that here.

This combination includes a fiery red thrifted skirt and a tie-dye shirt from Marshalls!

This combination includes a fiery red thrifted skirt and a tie-dye shirt from Marshalls!  See the post about it here.

Now you can put together an outfit based on that thrifted skirt that you found/will find!  Its so simple, so just do it!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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