Dining in Dallas | 006


gooey butter-cake


This was a little piece of heaven.  I don’t have much more to add.  Go get some.

hot chai


I’m a stickler about my Chai since my first chai experience was homemade – I was also taught that traditional African chai recipe by one of my friends.  Zenzero’s tasted like a hot chai I’d had at one of my favorite restaurants back home, so I suppose that is what a sophisticated chai should taste like.  It was cute and tasted nice, but I love my traditional, flavorful chai.

Good Friends


I visited Zenzero with one of my college buddies and old co-workers while she was on fall break last year.  Zenzero has the perfect atmosphere and lovely decor for intimate conversations with great friends.

Zenzero gets a 4/5 on my scale!  Love it!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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