Dining in Dallas | 007

Oldwest Cafe

IMG_5332My sister has been raving about this place as a great breakfast spot from the first moment she went there.  She sent me pics of her & my niece’s plates, and has been trying to get me there ever since.   Well, she finally got me there.  It was definitely worth it for the food, the atmosphere, and also worth the wait because the line was ridiculously long!

Oldwest Cafe in Grapevine, TX is nestled in a building along with some other businesses, and it looks like a normal 2000’s building – until you enter.  It is a scene out of a western movie!  The wooden tables have a checker board crafted onto them and a mason jar full of the pieces.  (I started out winning in the game, but luckily our plates got out before my defeat.)


The walls were decked with vintage southern cowboy/ranch-like decor.  Here’s my favorite:


“I’m not Bossy, I just have Better Ideas” ~ Story of my life, as I try to tell my folks.  Haha! =)

In the midst of this time capsule of a restaurant, the waitresses are carrying the high-tech devices (cellular phones) with an app that takes your order!  Now y’all know how I love a good Old+New combination.  This place hit the jackpot for that.

Now, food.  *Insert angels singing, and the greedy monster inside of me rejoicing!*


My sister and I both had different variations of the french toast, along with cheesy eggs, hash browns, and a meat of our choice.  You can try to finish one serving by yourself and get full as a tick, or you can share your plate with someone else and get comfortably full (no need to unbutton those jeans).  It was AMAZING!


Call me biased, but I love breakfast (at any time of the day), and if you can get my breakfast right, you’re a winner in my eyes!  Get it more than right, and I’m yours forever darlin’!  =)  Oldwest Cafe breakfast gets a 5/5 on my scale.  I’ll definitely be going back to explore their huge menu even more.


Texas! I really liked this emblem on the table.

What is your favorite down home breakfast spot?  Or do you have a favorite dish from Oldwest Cafe? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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