So, I watched Super Bowl XLVIII

My original intention was to just gawk and get googly-eyed over Bruno during half time.

That was one hell of a performance mash up with him and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! They rocked my socks, or long printed underpants, as their lead RHCP artist was wearing so well.



– – –

But then Renée Fleming sang the National Anthem and got me hooked. Her DRESS!!! My word.  Thank goodness for Vera Wang, and Fleming wore it so well.  And her voice….  Yes, honey!  Better believe I had pulled her info up on google before the song was over. Read more about Renée Fleming.

renee fleming via washington post

via The Washington Post



– – –
This “Gay Guide to Super Bowl XLVIII” was rather informative for those of us who knew nothing about what was going on.
– – –
Here are my favorite super bowl commercials… out of the ones that I actually paid attention to.
Chevy with the sexy cows about to make a love connection.  That was cute =)
Maserati.. because, Quvenzhane Wallis.  That little girl is amazing.
Ellen dancing for Beats + ATT.  She’s never not amazing.  I’ve been with sprint for the majority of my life, same number and all… But I’ve been very interested in a pair of Beats lately. Your advertisement makes me want to buy you. Good job.
• The Butterfinger commercial.  Put some peanut butter and chocolate in that!  Yea, lol.
Greek Oikos with the gorgeous John Stamos..  That almost got x-rated lol.
– – –
Now.. The actual game was.. a football game. I won’t speak on matters that I don’t know much about.  But can you say daaaaaaaamn?!  It was a blowout.  That is all.
– – –
Well.. That’s all I have to say about the Super Bowl.
Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!

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