Fashionably Late | Back to Black


3 “Facts of {my} Life”:

1. I wear too much black and gray in the winter.

2. I shop at Marshalls too much.

3.  The two facts above are actually very good things, haha!

Where’s the color, yo?

Back in the day as an architecture student I vowed to never become the stereotypically dressed architect.  Case in point:

architect dress code

But somewhere along the road I went wrong and actually obeyed the laws.  While I loooooove (& live for) a colorful summer, there’s just something about the winter that drives me back to black, each and every time.  I can’t stop buying dark and demure attire once the leaves of nature turn and fall.   Even now, early in the new year!  It is still cold and bleh outside, so I run back to black.


But, I actually can’t get jiggy with the afore stated “architect’s dresscode.”  I bring the jazz to a black outfit.  You can, too!

DSCN3959_2 DSCN3970_2 DSCN3975_2 DSCN3985_2 DSCN4000_2 DSCN4007_2

Get the “Back to Black” Look

“Marshalls, Marshalls, Marshalls!”

Like the Brady Bunch.. get it? Haha!  Everything I’m wearing except for the shoes are Marshalls #FabFinds.  Marshalls is has great prices on both trendy and timeless pieces, and I’m currently growing a section in my closet based on what they sell.  The shoes are a thrift store find.   Honestly, what would one of my outfits be without a thrift find thrown in there somewhere?   If you guessed “nothin’!” you guessed right!

Check out your local Marshalls ladies & juniors sections for similar shirt, pants and jacket finds.   After that, stop by your local thrift store to and find some goodies like those red hot heels I’m wearing!  If you’re unsure about the thrifting part, no worries.  I’ll teach you How To Thrift 😉

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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