Visiting Bill Clinton’s Birthplace – Hope, AR

You know how you live somewhere your whole life, or your whole family is from some place, and there are some local attractions that you just take for granted?  Yeaaaa..  The Clinton Homes that are in Arkansas are in my hometown (Fayetteville, AR) and near my family’s hometown (my family is from Nashville, AR, Bill’s is from Hope, AR).  But…

swark nashville to hope

Up until recently, I had never explored either.  And I’m a historic architecture groupie!  What is wrong with me?  Luckily the beaux insisted (He loves Hillary.  Bill too, but mostly Hillary lol) that we visit the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site.  We’ll just call it “Bill’s birthplace” for short.


Bill’s a pretty cool dude.  He was the president for most of my childhood (the early years), and just like that one person in every Arkansan family will tell you, my momma once met Bill.  His hometown is right down the road from my parent’s hometown.  He later lived in a house that is right beside my high school in Fayetteville.  He taught at the university I attended.  If I go on, heck I might be able to show y’all how we are related, haha!  If you have a southern Granny, you know she can tell you how you’re related or almost related to everyone in y’alls neck of the woods.  If you want to get technical he is my brother, because he is an honorary member of my brother fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, Incorporated.  I learned well from my grandmothers =)


Anywho, to the house.  I want it.  Can I live there?  Or maybe in something very similar – equally as old, but with a few modern updates?  Y’all just don’t even know, I would spin in circles of pure joy and happiness in a room like the one Bill’s mother had in this house!  Check it all out.


The beaux in Bill’s grandparents’ room. Separate beds.. the good old days haha


Bill’s mother’s room when he was ages 0-2. Although it didn’t receive good sunlight in the winter, and received aaaaall the light (& heat) in the summer.. I want it. It is so spacious, simple and beautiful!


I fit very well into this room, no?


The Beaux by the baby crib and rocking chair.  Also, check out the bolo tie dude is rocking. He HATES ties, but we went thrifting and he found (and fell in love with) this bolo tie that doubles as a necklace-like accessory!


flower power to the extreme, before flower power was even a thing.


As a southerner who loves big porches and a nice chair, you must know that this photo of me is not staged. I look like I would on any given summer on my grandparent’s porch after church, running my mouth haha!


cute little vanity


lovely little lounge


stripe on the walls, flowers adorning the windows, thrifted stripes on me!


outfit: Thrifted (yes, all of it =)
glasses: Warby Parker from my Home Try-on session

DSCN4405 DSCN4375 DSCN4407 DSCN4422

Besides experiencing a historically important and beautiful home, I have one more great takeaway.  I purchased this book, “Houses of the Presidents ” (find it here) at the visitor’s center, which is a house next door to the Clinton house.

DSCN4490 DSCN4491

This book will make a great coffee table reading piece, and it is full of gorgeous and historically-rich homes that our past presidents have lived it.  History and architecture make me giddy and happy and fuzzy inside.  Like a unicorn to Agnes =)

it's so fluffy

Now go forth, and be explorers of your local attractions.  If you already have explored close to home, tell me what your favorite local treasure is in the comments below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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13 thoughts on “Visiting Bill Clinton’s Birthplace – Hope, AR

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  2. The last picture with Agnes….PRICELESS. One of my favorite movie moments…EVER! I’ve been through Hope a time or two and have driven by his boyhood home, but have never had an opportunity to stop in. My grandparents and lots of family live in Hot Springs and my childhood hometown is Fort Smith. I have lots of Clinton memories too. One being a rally in Hot Springs on his political ascent to Presidency. I’ll never forget that moment. Thanks for sharing!! So cool to know you are from my home state!

    • My goodness, so many of us TXWB are Arkansans, too! I love it! I’ll be going to Fort Smith for a wedding at the end of the month, & I’m finally going to explore their historic district =) you should stop by the house the next time you’re in the area, it is lovely and the tours are nice! I

  3. I love this!! I am from Arkansas too!! I live in central AR but grew up in Hot Springs and Magnolia. My Clinton story is that I actually met him a few times because he’s a friend of my grandparents. I have never toured the house but you make me want too!! 🙂

  4. This is awesome!! I’m from Arkansas too!! I’m in central Arkansas right now but grew up in Hot Springs and Magnolia. My Clinton story is that I actually met him a few times…he was a friend of my grandparents! I have never toured the houses either but your pics make me want to!!

  5. Love this! I am from Arkansas, but I have never really travelled that far away–as I am from the Arkansas Delta and moved to Central Arkansas! Loved all the pictures though, the house has a ton of southern charm!

  6. What a great blog post. I loved it. And you really scored on that dress! I’m from Hope and my relatives are from Nashville, like yours.
    Keep blogging!

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