Fashionably Late | Something Old, Something New

Back to the “Something old, something new…” adage – check out this mix of thrifted & new fashion all in one outfit!


Some old things…


The shirt is a thrifted corduroy pearl snap button up.  That basically means awesomeness.  Pearl snaps, doe.


The shorts were once a pair of weirdly shaped Wrangler jeans.  They had to be for boys or for men because of the way they were originally made.  I took those bad boys home and made them my own, though!

edward scissorhands gif 2

Scissor happy!

Throw on a statement necklace and your favorite boots (ya know, to keep the rest of you warm since spring weather only stays warm for a few hours out of the day), and apparently – according to all of my Arkansas folks – you’ll be dressed like a Texan!  Or just cute.  You’ll be dressed super cute, so strike a pose =)


or something… haha!

Search your closets and thrift stores to create a look for you that is made of something old & something new, too!

P.S., for those that don’t know, here’s How To Thrift.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!

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