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It is now officially April of the new year and many of you have either decided to stick with or abandon your resolutions…  Am I right?  Mmmm hmmmmm.

but I'm not judging... hehehe

but I’m not judging… hehehe

But that’s quite alright, darlings.  I don’t do New Year resolutions anyway (read why).  I am, however, a fan of goal setting and vision implementing.  That is why I, being the visual person that I am, use a vision board.  It is the perfect bit of inspiration to remind me to live each moment in the pursuit of happiness by working to achieve my dreams!  This DIY Vision Board is hands on and creative, yet simple enough for your whole family to create one.  Pin it, get your supplies, and follow this tutorial to make your vision into a piece of art that will remind you of what you’re living for! =)

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collage of images which displays what you want in life.  It is your goals, desires, dreams, ideas, and the yearnings of your heart all compiled into an aesthetically pleasing piece of personal art.

My first ever vision board created back in 2010 or 2011.  It served me well, and I am proud to say that in some form or another, I accomplished everything I pasted to this board! =)

My first ever vision board, which I created back in 2010 or 2011. It served me well, and I am proud to say that in some form or another, I was blessed to accomplish/fulfill everything I added to this board! =)

Traveling, studying abroad, learning more about historic preservation, dancing and performing and graduating college are just a few of the.  Looking back at my vision board and being able to say “I did that!” gives me unspeakable joy.

YOU should create your own Vision Board, too!  Here’s what you need and how to do it.


Poster Board


Water (in a cup or bowl)

foam paint brush


print-outs and/or magazine cut-outs of your “Vision Photos” – photos that reflect your vision



optional: scrapbooking paper to provide a background

Vision Photo Examples

What do you want most out of life?

1.  I want to live in an area that is environmentally conscious, with restored architecture, and a great surrounding community.  Ya know, green.  I google searched “restored apartments” and used one of those photos that spoke to me.  Ya know, one that catches your eye and your heart, and makes you long for in that picture?

repurposed arch

2.  I want to travel more, so I found a pretty sweet “Keep Calm and Travel On” photo with a Doctor Who reference.


What inspires you?  Find as many pictures as you want that will get your message across to yourself each time you view your vision board.


1.  Choose, print if necessary, and cut out your images.  Images can be found in online searches, magazine, and/or newspapers.


*Note: when selecting photos on the web to print, print them so as to use as little paper as possible.*

2. On your poster board, assemble the images how you would like to see them on the poster board.

3.  Take a picture of the way you assemble them so that you can put the pieces back together how you want them once you start to glue them down.  I take this step because I like the look my board has when I overlap the pictures.  You can organize your images any way you wish.

picture of order

Optional scrap-booking paper can be cut and placed behind the outer edges of the photo collage to form a deorative frame.

4.  Glue the pictures down.


5.  Cut away any undesired/extra background.  I cut my board just a few centimeters away from the pictures along the edge of my board.

5.  In an old cup or bowl, mix 2/3 parts glue with 1/3 parts water (this is just an easy, at-home mixture similar to mod podge).  Stir the mixture well.

6.  Spread the glue and water mixture on top of your pictures, let it dry.

I do this to give it a polished finish look.  In lieu of 5 & 6 – You could also take your board to be laminated at a print shop.  Or, you could leave it as is!

top coat

7.  Add your string to the back with a sturdy tape so that you can hang your vision board.


Turn it around, and voila!

final vision board

My board has a big “Keep Calm and…” theme going on, as well as some inspirational images and quotes.  I chose to use scrap booking paper with a vintage vibe to it, of course!  This is so me.

What would you include on your vision board that is so YOU?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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6 thoughts on “Do It Yourself | DIY Vision Board

  1. Do you watch Two Broke Girls? They main characters made vision boards and I thought they we’re alright, but yours is super inspiring 🙂 I love it and I must make one for my office soon!

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