Bill & Hillary’s First Home – Fayetteville, AR

If you missed the first installment of my Bill home tour (it’s really not that fancy, y’all.  I just love architecture and Bill Clinton, and he has just so happened to live near where my family and I live), see my tour of Bill Clinton’s Birthplace in Hope, AR.  On to Fayetteville, AR, where Bill purchased a home that Hillary loved just so she wouldn’t say no to his marriage proposals anymore.  Talk about love!

Clinton House Museum_

Visiting museums and learning history from curators is like a big exciting grown-up story time for me.  Scott (pictured below) volunteers his time to give tours of this presidential abode turned museum.  He told my friend and I all about the history of the home while it belonged to our 42nd President of the United States of America and current Secretary of State.  He absolutely made the presence of Bill & Hillary in this home and come to life.


For a one bedroom home, the floor plan covers a lot of ground.  It has a large entry room, a kitchen with an adjoining dining  room (the “War Room”) and breakfast nook, a game room, library, screened in porch, and a master bedroom.  The outdoor area  is now home to the First Ladies Garden, containing all of the favorite flowers of the First Ladies of the United States.


Built in the 1930s, the house sits right on a plot of land between both of my Alma Maters, Fayetteville High School and the University of Arkansas.  Bill & Hillary both taught at the University of Arkansas at the time he purchased this home in 1975.  The entry room with its large widow and high ceilings is what sold Bill (besides his love and adoration for Hillary) on the house, and it is also where they were wed.


Hillary intended to wear something from her closet so as not to create a fuss and in order to be frugal.  Her mother wasn’t having that, so she took her to Dillard’s (which was founded in my family’s hometown of Nashville, AR) to purchase a dress that cost about $60.  Hillary still owns her wedding gown, so a replica was created for display in the large room where she and Bill said, “I do!”DSCN4718

They were (and still are) a ridiculously gorgeous couple =)  My favorite part of Scott’s tour was when he talked about the relationship between Bill and Hillary.  He summed it all up by saying that they were two very intelligent people who would have surely made a difference in this world, no matter what.  But by them being together, that difference is the legacy we see today.  They are truly a power couple, both helping to elevate each other. DSCN4719

The bright 70’s mod kitchen is both where the house’s age and updates over the years really show.  The walls and cabinets have been repainted to the orange they were when the Clintons resided there, and appliances are very recent.


If you look closely, though, you’ll see the refrigerator is placed where the “ice box” used to be.  The cutout in the wall reminds us of a time when back doors were left unlocked and ice was delivered to homes through it.  Talk about a clash of the times!


More photos from The Clinton House Museum below.

DSCN4723 DSCN4736 DSCN4743


IMG_0220 IMG_0217DSCN4745DSCN4746

If you want to visit the Clinton House or another historic site near you, visit the National Register of Historic Places to learn more.  I now have two stamps on my Official William J. Clinton Arkansas Passport.  You should get yours, too =)

bill & hillary

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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11 thoughts on “Bill & Hillary’s First Home – Fayetteville, AR

  1. I used to drive by that house all the time. My sister went to school in Fayetteville and lived just a block over. I always thought that the house was so cute!! P.S. I love Fayetteville!! 🙂

  2. I am a huge Bill & Hillary fan and I think this is fabulous! I didn’t even know you could go and tour. I have never been to Arkansas but I have a lot of gamily out there. It would be so awesome to go and tour! Thanks for sharing this little piece of history.

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