My Earth Day Post is About Armpits | Natural Deodorant Review

Happy Earth Day 2014!

I like to consider myself very earth-conscious.  I minored in Sustainability in college, I want to become an architect that restores existing buildings, I use a water bottle and rarely ever purchase bottled water.  I love to buy local, and of course second-hand.  I somehow hope that by mass re-use of already existing products, there will be a drop in the need for the overproduction of new products.  I suppose that’s a folly dream, but I hold steadfast to it.  I care about how my actions have an affect on the health of this little beautiful blue-green dot in the universe that we call home, so I try my best to make my actions reflect that.

But let me tell y’all about a major, ongoing life dilemma of mine.  Finding a natural deodorant that works is the bane of my existence.  I strongly despise anti-perspirant deodorants, which is almost every mainstream brand-name deodorant.  I feel like they never leave my skin.  I can’t get clean when they’re on me.  I feel icky and gross.

GrossedSNLSo about 2 years ago I started buying natural deodorant.  It was sooooo liberating!  I purchased my first natural deodorant by Queen Helene from my local natural food store.

queen helene deodorant

It worked well, and it was very moisturizing.  Then…. they changed their ingredients.

facepalm-gifI did not dig the new formula.  My pits weren’t having that.   So back to the drawing board I went!

Next was Herban Cowboy brand deodorant called “Natural for Her” in a blossom scent.

herban cowboy natural deodorant


It was cool, except applying it right before stepping out into the heat caused it to foam up.  I got used to it, I suppose.  Just put it on early!  Or commence the foam.  I would still be using it, as I felt it was the best thing that I knew about.  I really could never find any good natural deodorant reviews online =(

But then I moved to Texas, and couldn’t find any natural food stores.  (I still don’t understand that.  I have since found one, though.  8 months later!)   I had to change the game plan up again.

My aunt raves about the Tom’s of Maine natural products, so I went to Wally World and purchased some of their deodorant.

toms natural deodorant

This worked cool.  It smells good.  Its always good to keep it on hand to reapply, though.  I really have no big complaints about it except…. It turned my armpits hellishly dark!  Like altered my skin color something terrible.  If you are a brown woman, you know that the pits don’t need any help being darker than the rest of your body.  As YouTuber iiSuperWomanii says, it is an awkward situation that we just need to accept (see video below)

Ok, to my most recent purchase and love:  Primal Pit Paste products.   Say that 5 times fast!

Primal Pit Paste

I saw P3 on one of my instragram buddy’s page, and ordered it immediately.  I was that desperate to stop using the Tom’s, although it worked well, because of the way it was turning my armpits very noticeably darker.  As for Pit Paste – can I just say I love this stuff?!  I ordered the trial size paste and it works very well.  I love the lavender scent, and they have many more sniffer pleasing scents.   This morning I JUST opened the tubed version of the lavender pit paste, which uses beeswax to hold it together.  Once I test this out, I will update y’all and let you know how it works.  So far, though, this is the best natural deodorant I have used.  I give it two thumbs up, and recommend it anyone.   I still recommend carrying it around in case you get nervous or hot.


Natural deodorants usually do not have the ingredients that make popular deodorants “antiperspirant.”  That’s the bad stuff.  So just stay prepared.

Bottom line:  Happy Pits, Happy Life.  Make your pits a safe, clean and happy place =)

natural deodorant review

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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4 thoughts on “My Earth Day Post is About Armpits | Natural Deodorant Review

  1. I love death by lavender by north coast organics. So simple, gentle, effective, and smells really good. I also like aromaco by lush cosmetics if you ever feel to give these a try. Especially like that aromaco is packaging free – so even more earth friendly!

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