Fashionably Late | Printed Mini & Screened Animal Tee

I went to the mall recently looking for pieces to enhance my wardrobe, and then somehow by the time I left I had an entire outfit (and I didn’t even know it).  Ok, let me be honest – I only went to the mall to look for shoes, but things happen.  Who knows how it happened?  I’m not complaining about it happening, though!

mall attire 4

I first stopped by Marshalls and found some good pieces on sale and some new pieces.  The printed mini skirt was on sale there for $13.  (See Easter Outfit for other Marshalls pieces)  I’m not normally a mini-skirt kind of girl.   I have this weird thing about my legs being super long and torso super short, but that’s neither here nor there.  This skirt has a sporty look to it, though, and it reminds me of shorts rather than a skirt.  Needless to say, the cut, style and print won me over.  Now I own it =)

mall attire 1

Next I arrived at American Eagle, which is where I wanted to purchase some shoes I’d seen the weekend before.  The shoes didn’t work out =( but upon further inspection of the store’s inventory, this shirt surely did.  I don’t purchase many screened tees – I have a “screened tee phobia” of sorts.  (I just made that up haha)  According to the OWNG dictionary, it is a state of being afraid to wear shirts that give an immediate impression of one’s personality.  Seriously, screened tees can get ridiculous, and I have a phobia of people judging me based on the words on my shirt.  Weird, I know.  But our subconscious mind has so much power.  Or maybe that’s just my mind overanalyzing things?  Anywho… this shirt was amazeballs and made me happy, so I had to have it.  Because “ain’t nobody cooler than my clique.”

mall attire 2

Lastly the shoes, aka original purpose for going to the mall in the first place.  I walked into Payless after seeing their fun spring advertisements from afar.  Found my size section and *boom* – found my shoe.  These sandal wedges can be dressed up or down and worn with several different types of outfits.  Plus they match my purse.  #winning!

– – –

Versatility is key in my wardrobe.  These pieces will mix and match so well with what I already own.  My original thoughts for the pieces included wearing the screened tee with boyfriend jeans or with shorts, wearing the shoes to work and to church on Easter, and wearing the skirt with a nice, fitted  & tucked t-shirt.  But look how these pieces just all fell together.  It was so meant to be =)

mall attire 3

And hellooooo 1940s bangs!  Great way to mask a bad hair day.  Thank you =)

What are your favorite versatile pieces in your wardrobe that you love to mix and match with different styles?  Do you have any clothes “phobias” like I do?  Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


P.S.  The night time photoshoot is a direct result of enjoying my family to the fullest that day.  I wouldn’t want to waste a fun outfit like this in any other way 😉

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6 thoughts on “Fashionably Late | Printed Mini & Screened Animal Tee

  1. Some of my recent favorite pieces are scarves!! I have a ton and just now started really incorporating them into my daily wardrobe (they are lightweight for spring/summer). Some of my fashion phobias are mixing black and brown and mixing patterns!

  2. My clothes “phobia” would be anything tight or neon. With summer coming up, I know that there will be A LOT of colors in the stores, but I’m aiming fro more subtle pastels. Great post!

    • Thanks, Dionne! I agree, the stores will be full of that… which is probably why I mostly stick with thrift stores haha. I just purchased a neon orange necklace, and I must say that neon definitely needs to be taken in moderation!

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