Fashionably Late | Graduation Personal Stylist

One of my best friends, Kirra, graduated from graduate school this past weekend!  I am so proud of her, and she serves as an inspiration for me to keep striving for better.  After all, birds of a feather flock together, right?  We all shall achieve our highest dreams!

personal stylist 2

Sorority Sistersof Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. & graduates of the University of Arkansas #ZetasGraduate

With less than two weeks left until her graduation, she didn’t have an outfit planned.  I was all like, waaaaah?”  For my graduation, I had subconsciously planned my outfit over the course of the entire semester!   You can also read about my college graduation outfit and how it all came together.  Since Kirra had not given much thought to her outfit yet, I got very “kid at Disney World for the first time” excited and asked her if I could be her personal stylist!  She agreed.  Neither of us knew what we were getting into haha!

We came up with a game plan, though.  I had her show me the shoes she owned that she would be most comfortable wearing to walk across the stage, and that would be what the outfit was planned around.  Next, she would go try on clothes that she liked and send me pictures of them, along with the info such as what store she found them in and the size that fit her best.

personal stylist 8

Some of Kirra’s outfit ideas.

I would then formulate an idea of an outfit that fit her style based on what she sent, and I would enhance it with my ideas on style.  After the outfit was squared away, she would shop for jewelry to compliment it.  Essentially, it was a compilation of her style with my interpretation and ideas of design incorporated into it.  Team work makes the dream work, for real!

personal stylist 9

A few of the outfits/pieces I chose & shared with Kirra.

I shopped for several hours over several days in order to find an amazing outfit for Kirra.  I must admit that I was a bit of a perfectionist.  If you let her tell it, she would say I was in designer dictator mode!  I learned a great lesson about patience and “the world doesn’t revolve around your design decisions” through this process.  We are both rather stubborn when it comes to some things, but luckily we know how to compromise with each other!

See her outfit details below!

personal stylist 6

Kirra’s shoes that were the basis of the outfit design.  Nude shoes make nearly any outfit choice possible.

personal stylist 7

Instead of a bold printed pattern, I found a treasure in this little black skirt.  It has a woven pattern as well as large pleats.   I believe this type of pattern and texture gives an outfit more character than just a plain print.  Kirra gave it the ok, so the shirt was next.  This bronze top bordered neutral, but the richness of the color provided a pop!

personal stylist 4

Check her out!  This is her entire ensemble.  She chose the necklace to complete this look.  It was only after a long debate on color choices, debating what matches/goes well with bronze, what I felt absolutely did not go well, etc.  I was very passionate about the color choices haha.  She didn’t see the big deal at first, but then she came around.  The green and gold necklace gives a little contrast with the soft green, and compliments with the gold.

For you natural hair fashionistas: we did a twist out on her hair using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream.  We twisted her damp hair the night before, and after taking the twists down that morning, we secured the graduation cap to her hair with bobby pins.

Outfit details – 

Shirt: H&M Conscious Collection

Skirt: A’Gaci

Necklace: Forever 21

Until next time, dolls – Ci Vediamo!!!

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