OWNG Liebster Award Nomination


Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you to the dear Cwafty Blog mastermind, RaChil, for this nomination!  I’d seen some people post about the Liebster Award before, but I wasn’t sure of the details behind it.  RaChil filled me in.  The Liebster Award is a blogger-to-blogger award that shows love and support for bloggers with less than 200 followers on one of their platforms.  It is an award that keeps giving, too!  RaChil nominated me and up to 10 other bloggers, and I get to do the same!  Here’s the rundown:  I’ll give you 11 facts about myself, answer questions by the one who nominated me, and list a set of questions for the ones I nominate.  Let’s get started! =) 

11 Facts about myself

(in no particular order of relevance)

1. I want to be an architect that restores existing buildings when I grow up.

2. I’m the youngest of 8 children.   I love when we have a mass text message days and just text back and forth about the random happenings in our lives.

3. I am a Doctor Who fanatic.  That’s my show!  (Along with other BBC Shows)

4. I absolutely love to dance and perform =)

5. I. Love. Thrifting!  I have ever since I was a wee little gal, and I will until I’m a wee little old lady.

6. I don’t like diamonds.  Unless they’re rough and uncut.  So, no, diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend.

7. I love to read historical fiction.  I.e.  “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and “The Awakening.”  I romanticize the times of eras past so much in my mind.

8. I love being from the south, especially Arkansas.  #WooPigSooie

9. One of my favorite songs is “Just a Little Walk with Jesus.”  I have loved it since I was a little girl, and I still get excited when we sing it in church =)  That’s my jam!!

10. I am fueled by creativity and inspiration.

11. I have a weird fear of losing my memory one day like Allie on The Notebook, so I make up for it by taking several pictures all of the time.  This blog should come in handy, too haha =)

The Cwafty Blog’s questions

 1. Whats your favorite color combination?  ///  Blue & Green – just as where the grass meets the sky.  That is my favorite color combo, and green is my favorite color of all!

2. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet what would it be?  ///  Squirrel.  They are just absolutely amazingly cute, and their erratic movement reminds me of how my brain skitter skatters lol.  I am easily mesmerized by them.

3. Coffee or Tea? How do you take it?  ///  TEA!  My favorite tea as of late is Sadaf Earl Grey Blend, and I take it with a great helping of lemon and honey, and a dash of sugar.  Sidenote:  you know the signs that say don’t feed the bears?  Well, don’t give Addie coffee.  We’ll leave it at that.

4. Can you do a really good fake accent?  ///  I am absolutely horrible when I intentionally try to fake an accent.  I can, however, pronounce words very well when I speak Italian and Spanish.  That is as good as my accents get!

5. Whats the first thing you ever remember making?  ///  Clothes and interior decorations from 8.5″x11″ pieces of felt and leftover fabric (that my great aunt would give me) for my Barbies.  I attribute my love for design, fashion and architecture to those very moments.

6. What made you want to start blogging?  ///  I originally started blogging as an assignment for my Interior Design Professional Practice class.  I have continued Old World New Girl as a place to share my love for my interests with people that share those interests.

7. Favorite artistic/crafty medium to work with?  ///  Yarn!  When winter comes around, I love to knit and crochet.

8. A movie you know word for word? (If you’re not as obsessive as I am, just your favorite will work!)  ///  The Princess & The Frog (just to name one).

9. What do you like to do when you’re not dazzling the internet with your creative genius?  ///  I like to party, I like to samba.. and live my life, my life!  Rio, anyone?  Clearly, I watch too many animated movies.  I love to dance.  I love learning dances that are traditional to other cultures.  My latest dance endeavor has been Samba.

10. Whats the last show you marathoner?  ///  Once Upon A TimeI’m sensing a fairytale/fiction theme here, haha.  I’ve finished both of the seasons available on Netflix in less than a month!

Woooooo, I talk a lot!  Now that I’m done typing my life away…

OWNG Nominees

1. Madaline & Amanda of Pretty Thing & Co.

2. Aimee of House of Fauci’s

… in progress

Liebster Award

Nominee Questions

1. If you could choose any country to live in, which would it be?

2.  Insert: the infamous “Why do you blog?” question.

3. Vanilla, chocolate, or cookies & cream?

4. Beach, lake or river?

5.  Metroplex, city, small town, hillside, or countryside?

6. What is your favorite tv show or movie?

7. Describe your dream house.

8. What is your superpower (what you’re really good at)?

9. Your favorite meal to prepare (or buy) & share?

10. Glitter, gloss or matte?

11. Back road mudding or water theme park?


Thanks again for the nomination, RaCh!

until next time Addie


15 thoughts on “OWNG Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Since you say you like squirrels do you happen to like this blog? I think you would, http://squirrellyminds.com. I also love Earl Grey Tea, but I take mine with an 2 sugars and heavy whipping cream. I’ve been meaning to watch Once Upon A Time and was happy when I heard there was going to be an Alice spin off but then it got canceled. I’ll move it higher on my list now though!

  2. When I first started blogging (a year and a half ago) I was nominated for the Liebster Award and had to google it to find out what it was. Once I understood it, I was so flattered that someone thought my blog was good enough. 🙂

    Congrats on your nomination and I loved learning a few things about you! Enjoy your award!

  3. Congratulations! I was nominated for the Liebster Award a few months ago! I love the answering and asking questions part; you learn so much about the person before you as well as the person after you.

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