Dining in Dallas 008 | Lone Star Attitude

Let’s talk true Texas food right now.  I recently had a hamburger from LSA (Lone Star Attitude) Burger Co.  It was so good that I couldn’t believe it.  After taking that first timid bite, I kind of just stared at it in amazement!   And then I gobbled it down.  The end.

Lone Star Attitude

Jk, jk you’s guys =)  Here’s the scoop:

While exploring the historic main square of Denton, TX one day, I saw a neat little restaurant along one of the streets.  What caught my eye was the open dining area on the top level, and the red, white and blue of the signage.  Now, I didn’t have my glasses on, so I had no clue what it said.  Therefore, I asked one of the college students that was chilling on the lawn of the courthouse about it.  I will refrain from going into how I deeply miss chilling on the lawn of Old Main at the dear University of Arkansas, for time’s sake.  Anywho, she told me they served burgers, and it was a good place to eat.  I was getting hungry, and I wanted to sit on the open top floor, so I moseyed on over.  I’m glad I did!

Lone Star Attitude 5

I ordered the Attitude burger.  Fitting, I suppose… Since I can bring the attitude when needed, haha!  Now I love brisket, and I love hamburgers, but never did I ever dream that I could love them together.  I was clearly mistaken.  Gimme that brisket, that hamburger and that chow chow.  No condiments necessary.

Lone Star Attitude 6

I also had this cute little pomegranate flavored cocktail.

Lone Star Attitude 3

Overall, I give LSA Burger Co. a 4/5.  The burger gets a straight up 5/5, while the cocktail gets a 3/5.  Thank goodness I went for the burger!

I wasn’t expecting to give a crazy combo like brisket & hamburger a 5/5!  What is your favorite unexpected great food combination?   

Ci Vediamo, loves!



8 thoughts on “Dining in Dallas 008 | Lone Star Attitude

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    • that was actually chow chow, which I believe is like pickled sweet peppers? I was going to take it off at first, but I’m so glad I tried it. Now I need to try this coleslaw on a burger that you speak of =)

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