Maya Angelou: A Brown Girl from Arkansas

Some people would let those 5 words confine, bind, and lock them down. Maya Angelou spread her wings, opened her heart, looked to the sky, and flew above. I, too, am a brown girl from Arkansas. I, too, am a phenomenal woman, in my own way. Thank you, beautiful, brave, loving, Maya, for being a light in the darkness.I can’t remember how young I was when I first read “Phenomenal Woman.” I do, however, remember reciting it in my Aunti Lil’s kitchen with fervor, confidence & attitude. That was a common poem in my family’s household. I was in 8th grade the first time I read “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” At that time Alicia Key’s first album, “Songs in A Minor,” came out and had the song “Caged Bird” on it. I was so excited that I took it to class so everyone could listen haha. I don’t know how much they actually cared, but it has stuck with me ever since. When I learned of her passing, I listened to that song. As the song says, “Why not just set her free so she can fly.”

Fly home, and rest in love and peace, Maya Angelou.As we all know the ways of Instagram & Facebook, they have been filled with beautiful images and quotes by Ms. Maya all morning. See some of my favorite below, and let’s celebrate her life. There’s a party going on in heaven, y’all!

Peace & Love!



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