Architecture | Denton, TX Courthouse

denton county cover

Properly, Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square.

This baby was built in 1896.  Real old, y’all – and I love it.  I cannot properly explain how giddy I get when I walk into old buildings, but I shall try.  It feels magnificently invigorating to stand in a building that conceived by the minds of those that lived so long ago, and built .  There is magic in history, and architecture is a major indicator of the times.  In 1896, there was a lack of modern technology which resulted in things being hand-crafted.  Masterpieces.  People made this stuff by hand, y’all!!!  Look ma, no computer generated mess!  Oh, and don’t get me started on wrought and cast iron.  #MostFavoriteThingOnEarth.  Gah… I feel like I can’t go in depth enough to make y’all feel what I feel when I experience historic architecture.  I’ma just share the pictures… Check out what I discovered in and around the historic Denton, TX courthouse-turned-museum.  Love it, love it, love it *insert warm fuzzy feelings here.*

denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse

Them handles, though.  So legit!denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse

Doctor’s Bible.  In God We Trust 

denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse denton courthouse


I ran into artist Levi Glassrock & purchased this small piece from him.  It is nice to have a conversation with the artist where they can tell you their mindset and method.denton courthouse denton courthouse

& a Momma SQUIRREL!

To make this look like one of my architecture history notecards, here’s more info on this building.  Info obtained from, where you can see historic pictures from as early as 1939.

Date – 1896
Architect – W.C. Dodson
Style – Second Empire and Romanesque Revival
Material – Stone with granite pillars.



21 thoughts on “Architecture | Denton, TX Courthouse

  1. I feel the exact same way! I love to imagine the people the most – the time – how they felt all of that. This is a gorgeous building – thank you so much for sharing! Italian always think that American’s know nothing about design – but I adore American design – there is something SO fresh and unique about it.

  2. Beautiful photos as usual. What a lovely building. In all the time I lived in Texas I never saw it. Have you been to the Weatherford courthouse yet? It’s a lovely sandstone structure, quite big. And as long as you’re out that way, don’t forget to go on to Glen Rose and see the Dinosaur Tracks!

    • I have not yet been to Weatherford, but the guy that told me about Denton Courthouse told me about the Weatherford courthouse, too. It is on my to-see list! & I’m adding the Dinosaur Tracks, that sounds awesome!!! =)

  3. Are you local? We live in a neighboring small town to Denton. My husband and I love to a sneak a date night out on the square. The courthouse is always gorgeous, and you’ll never know who’ll you’ll find lounging around it.

    • I am new to the area and still learning a lot, my hometown isn’t big as this metroplex lol. I learned that they have music jam sessions out there on Wednesdays, it makes me want to go again =)

  4. That is one gorgeous building! Love it! I feel the same as you about old buildings. I love learning about their history.

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