Recap | SGBC Texas Meet Up

The Southern Girl Blog Community Texas Spring Meet Up was yesterday!  Though it was small, it was fierce!  Yea, I just paraphrased Shakespeare =)


The meet up was held at The Rustic in Dallas, TX, which is an awesome true Texan restaurant in the heart of the city.  It had a big back yard…  I loved that yard!  The food was good, too.  Aleshea and I were unsure of how many people to expect since this was the first meet up of its type.   It was great to have a small turn out because we were able to get to know each other better and have great conversations.  We discussed our own blogs, why we started them, how we try to grow them, etc.  We ate (some interestingly titled food), we chatted (about almost everything), and we said we would do it again. I truly enjoyed meeting these blogging ladies, so I want you to meet them, too!

Meet the ladies that attended:

sgbc tx big

Top left: my co-host, Aleshea of Glitz’n’Grits.  She blogs about her life & grits!  She loooooves grits =)

Top right: Lauren of Will Sing for Makeup.  She sings for the opera (#fancy, love it!) and blogs about her love for makeup!

Bottom left: Brenda of Daily Mayo & Schooling a Monkey.  She is a freelance writer and she blogs book reviews and also about her homeschooling adventures and advice.

Bottom right: ME!  Addie of Old World New Girl.  I blog about… Lord, everything.  Let’s call me a “creative lifestyle blogger.”  That’s fitting.

As a general rule of thumb, its good to know that as bloggers, we will blog about so much more than what our blog names entail.   Labels are such pish posh.  The only way you’ll find out is if you follow our journeys!  Check these ladies out =)

sgbc tx spring meet up

Here’s to more blogger meet ups, and seeing y’all away from the computer, iPad or phone screens.  Let’s grab a southern style meal, a cold drink, and sit out under a tree and talk – in true southern girl fashion.  Will you be there?

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12 thoughts on “Recap | SGBC Texas Meet Up

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  2. I wanted to come but I was trying to be a good wife and not stress my husband out with a crazy schedule that day! 🙂 Hope I can come to the next one!

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