Dining in Dallas 009 | Sissy’s Southern Kitchen

Sissy's Southern Kitchen Aleshea of GlitzNGrits and I met up at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar so that we could introduce ourselves to each other before the blogger meet up for Southern Girl Blog Community in Texas.  Let’s talk about this place! 1.  Cute, quaint, humble building with popping yellow doors & a banging side porch in all white.  It sits in the heart of Dallas.  (Well, I think I call everything the heart of Dallas – as long as it’s actually in Dallas.. I don’t really know Dallas like that, we’re not on a personal level.) Sissy's Southern Kitchen 2.  Tables set like Granny would have them.  I’m sure I could hear my Granny telling me to “Turn around straight to that table!” as I was sitting there lol.  And when I got up to snap pictures, she surely would have said “Girl what are you doing?  Sit down and sit up straight!”  Oooooh, Granny.  Can’t forget the no singing at the dinner table, amongst other Granny rules.  But that’s another story for another day.  #SouthernGrannyQuotes – let’s make that happen. Sissy's Southern Kitchen Sissy's Southern Kitchen 3.  A relatively small menu (via urbanspoon).  I mean, didn’t your Granny always say that you eat what’s on that plate, or you don’t eat at all?  Ok, I didn’t grow up in that era, but my parents and aunts & uncles did.  They always like to remind us youngin’s of it, since we’re super spoiled so many with choices. 4. Dude… The fried chicken.  Hallelu! YAH!  It was seasoned RIGHT, deep fried RIGHT and made my heart feel oh-so-RIGHT!  My tummy, too!  It was heavenly divine, like only a Granny’s chicken can be – but I’m not picking favorites.  I’m sure that’d be like treason. Sissy's Southern Kitchen   IMG_2971 5.  I must comment on our waitress.  She was amazing, as well as the rest of the staff.  Not just courteous, but personable.  Made us feel right at home. I have only good fuzzy feelings about this place, and that plate left me wanting to try more.  I was surprisingly full with that plate and a side of cornbread!  Its amazing what a few extra bucks on some chicken can do to you.  I wanna go back.  & If you think my plate’s pretty, go check out Aleshea’s shrimp & grits, too.  That woman & grits?? It is a true love affair! I highly recommend this little space of pure concentrated southern charm & deliciousness to anyone Dining in Dallas.  5/5, and that’s all I’m saying on the matter. Go get you some Sissy’s! P.S. I now realize that last week I mislabeled the photo for Dining in Dallas 008 (did you see that burger, though?? go look!)… I said it was 010.  Guess I got ahead of myself, but it’s all good in love & food! owng signature - addie


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