Currently Working On… | 05 giugno 2014

Currently Working On... 5 giugno 24

Are y’all ready for a new brainchild that we are going to try out on this here blog?  Wanna hear it?  Here it go!  “Currently working on…” stems from my current job at the engineering firm.  Each week I have to send in a list of the house plans that I am “currently working on.”  Here, though, this segment will focus on what I’m currently working on in my life.  Don’t get scared. Lol…  Let’s cozy up and get personal! =)  Random note: I’ll be writing the date in Italian because that’s how I write my date on everything that I keep to myself.  It helps me remember a few Italian words so that I don’t feel like I wasted years and years and notecards and trees trying to learn it haha.  So in English, today is June 5, 2014.  Here goes everything…

I am currently working on…

Shaved head hairstyles..

Remember my big hair?  Maybe you never met her.  Her name is Giselle, and…

big hair Giselle

Well, she’s half gone.  I went all Eddie Scissorhands & Barber Shop on her.

barber shop edward scissorhands

The sides are gone, and at least 3 inches are gone off the middle section.  It was exhilirating!  My aunts say it’s a mid-mid-life crisis (being that I’m 25), which seems to be common according to my facebook feed.  But what-evs, I’m digging it.  I’m not a fan of the constant upkeep of my tresses, so maybe this will make it easier.  The thing is, though, I’ve never had my hair shaved like this before.  Not including the first four years of my life, though, in which my Daddy says I was completely bald.  He has picture evidence, so we won’t go there.  Anywho, I’m figuring out the styling bit day-by-day.  I like it a lot, I feel it suits me =) #KindaShortHairDontCare

oldworldnewgirl oldworldnewgirl oldworldnewgirl

Bumping up my Instagram game..

Yaaasssss, I’m getting my glam on out here in these Instagram streets!  Check out my 3 new (to me) favorite apps:

InstantBotInstantBot is like an Instagram on steroids.  Or an Instagram 2.0.  It has a grid that allows you to see your stream with more than one picture at once.  It shows you new followers & unfollowers, as well as your top followers based on likes and comments on your pics/vids.  But it doesn’t stop there!  You can upload your photos here, and create a collage right in the app.  It’s like a lot of your favorite apps that are necessary to create a good instragram photo all combined into one.  It has some limits, though.  While it shows your most active followers, it does no have the Following or News feed that is inherent to Instagram.  I’m still exploring it, I only recently got it because it was temporarily free (you should check to see if it still is!), so I may update y’all on it if there’s anything new =)




FlipAGramFlipAGram is helping me make mini blog post movies.  It basically combines photos and songs to create a video, and I’m having so much fun summarizing my blog posts into 15 seconds with a quirky song to go along with it!   This app is free, but there is a $1.99 charge if you want the “flipagram” watermark removed.  Check out my instagram daibenz if you’d like to see some of my FlipAGram videos



StudioStudio Design has the edits of a lifetime.  So many cool overlays, quotes, text fonts.  It is pure fun, and the folks on there have neat and inspiration edits, too.  It has a “remix” component in which you can take components from other folks’ designs.  I haven’t delved into that yet, but I can only imagine being overjoyed when I see a design I like on someone else’s photo, and I can easily use it.


I’ll paraphrase something I heard in a Kirk Franklin song.  Happiness is about what is happening.  Joy is everlasting, no matter what may be happening all around you.  I am at a place where I have to remember my joy, and let the happiness follow that.  Not the other way around.  Amen?  Amen!


“Merlin” binge-watching on Netflix..

Oh Netflix… You make me crazier than I already am.  Constantly fueling my need for sci-fi entertainment.  It’s not enough that I’ve re-watched countless episodes of Doctor Who on you.  Oh noooooo, you wanna introduce me to new shows!  Even though Merlin frustrates me with the King & Arthur’s blindness to reality and constant need to get themselves into crazy situations.  All the while, killing folks for using magic, when it is usually Merlin’s hidden magic that saves their lives.  When can Merlin reveal his powers, already?!  Anyway, thank you Netflix.  I’ll keep watching ’til I’m done.  Which will probably be soon at the rate I’m going.  (how could I stop watching that smile?!? haha!)

Merlin gif


I need to get my life on a schedule.  I have a schedule for my blog, but I’m kind of floating through a dull and unorganized routine in life right now.  I have some ideas about bedtimes & morning alarms, and windows in which I do certain things – like maybe no blogging at 2 am on a work night.  I’d tell you about all it, but I need to get to work.  Maybe next time?


What are y’all currently working on?  Let me know in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Currently Working On… | 05 giugno 2014

  1. Your hair looks great! Thanks for all of the great app recommendations. I’m always looking for apps to make my life and blogging easier. Good luck with getting on a schedule! I struggle with that one.

  2. Wow u r working on a lot! I love the happiness vs joy quote. Must remember that! And so cool that you are keeping up with your Italian! And thanks for the info on the apps! Will check some out!

  3. I’ve been trying to make this comment for the last like 24 hours! HAHAHA (On kindle, which for some reason wouldn’t make comments yesterday).
    You look gorgeous with your new cut – it’s so chic. Did you have a moment of freak out when they cut it (I always want to know the really pleasant stuff huh)? I know this sounds stupid, but does your head feel lighter?

    • Good ole smart technology playing dumb (my phone does the same on other platforms). That doesn’t sound silly at all! It feels a little more free & lighter lol, especially when I wear the middle up. I had a crazy urge to cut it, and two of my siblings finally obliged and helped me cut it right away. Had I waited, I may have freaked out lol. and thank you =) molti baci!

  4. You may be the first other Merlin fan I have ever met! Now we have to be besties. I like your hair both ways! I’m working on procrastinating costume-making. I’m taking my daughters to AKON this weekend and they are dressing up as poodles. Costumes that need to be done in the morning and I have barely started. Go me!

    • Besties for sure! You’ll have to tell me what other shows you watch too. & thank you, I think I’m going to keep the sides low and just let the center do it’s thing. I just googled A-Kon and that sounds fun!! I want to go to the next comic con in the area. I missed some doctor who peeps that came to Irving this past February, don’t want to miss it again. Costume all-nighter, possibly? Get a hot drink & get’er’done!

  5. I love the “mid-mid life crisis,” because you are way to young for a real mid life crisis! 🙂 And I really like the hair, too! I’m currently, well, always, working on a new blog post, but for today I’m not working at all. I’m spending the day shopping with my daughter.

    • Thank you, Alli! Have fun shopping, we always need a day away from it all. I understand the always blogging. My best friend is trying to find a “bloggers anonymous” for me right now because she says I’m into it too much lol! Enjoy your mini break =)

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