Fashionably Late | Made in Germany

fashionably late

Did you know that thrifting can take you all over the world?

fashionably late

This shirt’s fabric is from Germany, while the actual shirt was assembled in Mexico.  100% Rayon, because who doesn’t love fake cotton?


That 100% Polyester mustard colored skirt?  ‘Merica, baby!

fashionably late

DSCN5757 copy

Body chain was hand made in Texas.  I was made in Texas, too.


I wonder what’s older?  Me, the skirt, or the shirt?  Inquiring minds need to know.


I went around the world in one outfit in one day.  Where have you been?


Do you look at the tags on your thrifty or new finds?  Where have they taken you?  Tell me all about it! =)

Stylishly & fashionably yours; peace out!

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P.S. – thanks for the automated gif, google!  Check out my Instagram (@daibenz) for more fun mini blog video summaries!

made in germany


18 thoughts on “Fashionably Late | Made in Germany

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  4. As much as I love thrifting, I can’t say that I look at the tags too often, other than for size. Lots of fashionistas do to score classic well fit pieces.

    Love your top. It’s paired well with the punch of color and nude shoe. 🙂

    Love your hair too.

  5. THat top is amazing! And I loved that you paired it with a yellow skirt… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a garmet that puts where the fabric was made – that’s really cool and something I wish more manufactures would do!

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