Summer 2014 Is (nearly) Here!


Summer is almost here, and it feels like it already is here.  Snow cones on a hot, sunny day prove it.  My sis rushed in the house yesterday to tell me to go get a Bahama Buck’s snow cone and blog about it.  Being the blogger & summer lover that I am, I did just that.  It was SO worth it!  Bahama Buck’s is off the chain with their snow cone game, y’all!

Pull up to the building like..

summer 5 summer 4

Then place your order – I suggest your favorite flavor in the BahamaRamaMama style… Ice cream & a snow cone TOGETHER!  Who does that?? They do, that’s who!

summer 2

But caution, you might freeze.  I’m sure their insurance won’t cover your frozen symptoms, either =D

summer 1

Pay those bucks, get your cup… full of deliciousness.  It’s a little pricey, but darn worth it.  I got the smallest size BahamaRamaMama with flavors Blue Coconut & Piña Colada (my sweet tooth isn’t very strong or welcoming of large quantities of sugary things) coming in at almost $5.

summer 3

Go outside and chill with a sand castle and games.  It feels like a little beach!

summer 6

Consume with joy!  Let the sugary juices paint your tongue with happiness =)

summer 8



summer 7

What are the signs that let you know summer is officially here, and what do you do to commemorate it? 

Tell me all about it below =)

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20 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Is (nearly) Here!

  1. There’s a Bahama Bucks within walking distance from my house! It’s really good and is always packed! I think I got some kind of strawberry flavor, but I’ll have to try the Blue Coconut and pina colata combo next time.

  2. Ok that snow cone looks AMAZING!!!! I know summer is here when all the snow come places start opening up!! My fave flavor is Tigers Blood!!!

  3. My family is always giving me “ideas” to blog about, too! And they just hate when they have to wait and eat something because I have to get pictures before they touch it! 🙂

  4. Ha Ha… I am laughing at your sister..Go get one and blog about it! That is my HUSBAND… He is the same way, but he is kinda being smarty pants.
    Love Love when our snow cone booths start popping up. Sadly we moved and don’t have any that I can find so far BUT where I came from.. they used to have a BIG pirate snow cone ship!

    • I agree! You know what would be neat & a cool americana-mexicana-italiana merger? Piña colada gelato. That would go well with the language that only I speak, “spanglitalan” haha! (that’s when I mess up and actually speak spanish words in my italian sentence then forget altogether and start speaking english!)

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