Arkansas Treasures – Part 1

AR Treasures Pt 1

If you didn’t know, let me tell you now that I was born in Texas, raised in Arkansas (wrote a post about it), and now I’m residing back in Texas.  I didn’t know how much I loved and would miss Arkansas until it was time to go!  I really miss it, so I’m going to share some of the wonderful treasures I experienced as a resident in the greatest natural state: Arkansas!

Hope, AR Watermelon

I don’t eat anybody else’s watermelon, point blank period.  Ok, so that’s extreme.  But it takes a lot for me to try watermelon from anywhere else, because in my experience, no other watermelon ever tastes as good.  I usually pout about how horrible a watermelon from elsewhere tastes in comparison to Hope watermelon.  In the summer, I request Hope watermelon, and my family usually delivers.  This is serious, y’all.  SERIOUS!  They even have an annual Hope Watermelon Festival every summer!  I’m just sayin’, if you want the best watermelon ever, get you a Hope, AR watermelon.  But, caution: you’ll never want any other type of watermelon after it.

my Hope watermelonrazorback watermelon

Hot Springs & it’s Water

Here’s another naturally delicious and healing resource.  The natural state has it, baby!  Hot Springs, AR has been famous since before the times of European invaders.   Native Americans called it “the Valley of Vapors.”  That is very fitting, because if you ever tried to stick your hand or toe in that water…  Woooooahh, HOT!  The historic bath houses now serve as spas and museums along the bath house row.  There’s also an O-G-double-O-G gangsta history in the town, too; but that’s neither here, nor there.  It’s about the water folks.  And the scenery.  If it was up to only me, whenever I get married in the future, it would be right here in this city, outside with the mountains surrounding the illusive *us.*  I love the spa city!

hot springs 1

future husband, let’s get married here in the fall ❤

hot springs 2 hot springs 3

Fayetteville Razorbacks

Woo Pig Sooie!  Do you speak our hog call language?  Every (well, almost) Arkansan is a Razorback fan, even if they’ve never traveled to Fayetteville before.  Me myself, I’m all out crazy for the track and cross country/long distance team.  Growing up as a runner, I got to run on the same trails with them.  It was so inspirational.  Most everyone else is crazy about either the Diamond Hogs (baseball), the football team, or the basketball team.   Click the photo to see more Razorback traditions like our Hog Call.  We’re so unique!

Hog Call 1

Ozark Mountains

Not technically mountains, but don’t try to dull our shine (that’s a pun if you know about the diamonds in Arkansas haha)!  The altitude is higher than anywhere else in the state, so there.  There is no other place like Northwest Arkansas in the fall, y’all.  Seeing these mountains change colors is like glimpsing heaven on earth!  Better than a rainbow!  Fayetteville, what I claim as my hometown, is at the foothills of the Ozarks.  So many glorious big hills, and I love it!

Mount Sequoyah 

Mount Sequoyah

Mount Kessler

Mt. Kessler 3 Mt. Kessler 2 Mt. Kessler 1

View of surrounding “mountains” from Highway 540

nwa fall foliage

Buffalo River in Ponca, AR – #throwback to 11th grade cross country team camping trip with Coach & Mrs. Coach!

buffalo river 2 buffalo river 1


This is just the beginning of the list, y’all, so stick around.  While you’re at it, if you’re looking for somewhere to visit this summer (or spring, winter or fall), get you hind parts to Arkansas! =)  You will love my other home state! ❤

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21 thoughts on “Arkansas Treasures – Part 1

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  2. Addie, you really found some wonderful things to love about Arkansas! I’ve always loved Hot Springs and camping in the Ozark Mountains. And that watermelon carving is incredible. 🙂 Great post! All the best, Terri

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  4. I am the same way – I never appreciate the places I live until after I leave them. It’s so horrible. I used to live on the Air Force Base in Arkansas when I was younger, so my AR experience was definitely a lot different from yours, and I didn’t get to do all the cool things that you mentioned in your post! Such a shame. All I remember is going to Magic Springs.

    • We have to learn to appreciate what’s around us now, that’s what growth is all about =) & Aww I remember Magic Springs, too! I haven’t been in a while, but I believe it expanded. If you ever go back, especially around that area, Hot Springs’ bath house row is definitely worth a gander.

  5. Arkansas is beautiful! I lived in OK for almost 5 years and I remember traveling through Arkansas. I’m laughing because that’s exactly how my grandpa called his hogs when I was growing up in GA – Woo Pig Sooie – and they would come running!

  6. Omg. Arkansas looks absolutely gorgeous! I need to visit! And of course eat some of that watermelon, because let me tell you, watermelon in Italy is SO icky! (and I’m a good southern girl who’s SUPER picky about her watermelon!)

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