Recipe | Feta Makes It Betta, For Real

feta makes betta

Do y’all remember the big saying a few years back about how Feta (cheese) make everything better?  Yea?  Well, I agree.  Feta cheese is Greek in origin, and it was originally only make from sheep’s milk or a sheep-goat milk mixture.  Read more about feta cheese and its history on wikipedia.  Feta has a tangy and salty taste, and doesn’t really taste like an all-out dairy product (it is not very milky).  It is very dense, but crumbles easily, making it a great topping for different dishes.

I recently had a craving for a salad that I make which uses feta the other day, but I knew I’d never make it through the night on a salad alone.  So while at Walmart I conjured up a complete meal!  Check out these two easy recipes that incorporate Feta cheese into a whole meal!

Feta Spinach Salad

I’m going to tell you my favorite way to eat my feta spinach salad, but it is so easy to create your own variation.  The basic ingredients are: spinach, crumbled Feta cheese and a vinaigrette.   I add grapes for a sweet, tangy punch.  Other complimenting foods include strawberries and pecans.




Feta cheese

Raspberry Vinaigrette (I like Walmart’s Marketside version)


Wash your spinach and grapes.  Chop you grapes in half.  To make it pretty, place your spinach on the plate first, then your grapes, then the feta cheese, and lastly your vinaigrette.  If you just wanna eat, throw it all in there and eat up!  It tastes the same.

feta spinach salad

Feta Shrimp Tacos

I took the easy way out on this one, yous guys.  Walmart sells a package of shrimp seasoning (placed so eloquently right beside the frozen shrimp section) that will let you make delicious shrimp in less than 5 minutes.

Let me say that again.

Using this package of Old Bay Seafood Steamers, you and I and everyone in the whole wide world can cook and eat tasty, delicious, yummy shrimp.  This happens in 10 minutes or less.  DIEZ MINUTOS!  I hope y’all can hear me haha =)

feta shrimp tacos


1 package (approx. 1 pound) of shrimp, thawed

1 package of Old Bay Seafood Steamers

1 package of tortillas

1 package of crumbled Feta cheese


For the shrimp, follow the Old Bay directions.  Place the shrimp and the seasoning in the bag together, making sure the seasoning coats the shrimp evenly.  I also place a lemon in there! Microwave it for the required amount of time (depending on the size of your shrimp – there is a chart on the package).  Take those bad boys out, let them cool, and put a spoonful or two on a heated tortilla.  Sprinkle the

DSCN5607 DSCN5611 DSCN5615

If you do this, you will have a simple, tasty dinner in under 30 minutes!  The final product:

fetta makes it beta

Go forth and cook a quick meal, full of the zangy feta!  What is your favorite way to incorporate Feta cheese or any other cheese into your meals?

Enjoy & share the feta!  Sharing makes it even beta’ =)

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