Fashionably Late | Blogging PJs & Quickest Refashion EVER

blog pjs 10 Ladies, you have to see these blogger pajamas I found at Forever 21 last month!  I passed them by one day when I was in a rush.. I’m sure I looked like this when I first saw them – wow-kate-bush I had to get them!  But let’s be real y’all.. this shirt just wasn’t kind.  I’m not a bitchy blogger (just keeping it real, the shirt is kind of bitchy, in a cute-but-not-so-cute-in-real-life way).  So, I did the quickest refashion EVER!  At least for me, haha.  All I needed was… Supplies: blog pjs 2 – aforementioned shirt – a hard surface (like a small book) – my smartphone – a sharpie – and a will to make the change.  And change it, I did. Directions: blog pjs 3 Place your hard surface under the layer of the shirt which you wish to alter. blog pjs 4 Open your sharpie. blog pjs 5 Cross out the word {or}.  Pull up a picture of an ampersand on your smartphone, and place your phone under the front shirt layer where you would like to write it on the shirt.  Trace very lightly so as not to move the picture, or save the picture to your phone’s photo album to trace it. blog pjs 6 Remove your smartphone and go over the ampersand to make it bold. blog pjs 9 Revel in your quick refashion! spirited sweet tea 6 & go park it by the pool.  I wore the shirt out to eat with a pair of printed slacks.   I just didn’t want to take it off once I put it on that day! =)blog pjs 8 Hahaha, how’d y’all like this refashion?  It obviously didn’t really need a tutorial, but that was fun =)  Do you have any awesome blogger clothes, accessories or interior design?  I love seeing awesome blog-themed products =) #ProudBlogger owng signature - addie


17 thoughts on “Fashionably Late | Blogging PJs & Quickest Refashion EVER

  1. I so need these pjs(the laptop printed shorts make my heart flutter)! Your refashion was so necessary, this isn’t gossip girl we’re running! 🙂 pinned, great job!

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