Arkansas Treasures – Part 2

arkansas treasures part 2

Hey y’all beautiful people.  I’m back with four more beauties of Arkansas, this time all places and locations.  If you didn’t see Arkansas Treasures – Part 1, check it out.  Let’s get started!

Buffalo River

Float on, float on.  The buffalo river is gorgeous in the summer, spring, winter and fall. Although I let it be in the winter.  I was young the last time I visited, so I only had a *snap snap click* (read: disposable) camera, so these photos are from the Buffalo Outdoor Center Flickr.  Isn’t she gorg?!

buffalo 3 CJRW71980 APT2 buffalo

Twin City – Texarkana, TX/AR


I wrote a post about this place, too!  Texarkana, TX is my birth city, and my earliest memories were made here.  It is unique because it is a twin city – there is a Texarkana, TX and a Texarkana, AR.  Stateline, a major street in the city, is super cool because on one side you’re in Texas, and on the other side you’re in Arkansas.  I googled “twin cities” and Wikipedia let me know that several exist, but only a few have the same name and border each other in two different states.  Have you ever visited a twin city?

Dream BIG - volunteer group photo.

Dream BIG volunteers on the actual state line in Texarkana between Texas and Arkansas(I’m in the yellow shirt)

Diamond Mine

Did y’all know that Arkansas is only 1 of 2 states in the United States of America where diamonds are found.  I read here that they can be found in Wyoming, as well.   But not only is there an exclusive diamond mine in Arkansas, but you can dig up your own diamonds there!  Now, good luck trying.  People go digging there all of the time, and a few of the lucky ones find diamonds.  Everyone usually leaves with some really colorful stones of all sorts.  Science wasn’t my favorite class, though, so don’t get me to lying to you about what kinds.  Explore the Diamond Mine, officially the “Crater of Diamonds State Park,” website to find out for yourself! =)

Dry Sifting screenshotdiamond mine 1

Eureka Springs

This little city is a gem.  It has another one of those “let’s get married” spots, in my book.  The Throncrown Chapel, designed by architect Fay Jones (an Arkansan!), is magically beautiful.  I posted about it two years ago and I still feel the same =)  It intrigues me the most because it is an antique and vintage haven.  It is on a lot of lists, such as 100 Great Towns of America and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations.  They aren’t lying y’all.  Its that good.

this is a photo of Thorncrown chapel that one of my instagram buddies let me use a for a blog post a while back.  Beautiful architecture!

this is a photo of Thorncrown chapel that one of my instagram buddies let me use a for a blog post a while back. Beautiful architecture!

Again if you want to check out more Arkansas Treasures, click on over to Part 1.  I hope y’all have enjoyed the places and things I love about Arkansas.  Hopefully it will encourage you to visit or admire from your computer screen the beauty of The Natural State! ❤

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14 thoughts on “Arkansas Treasures – Part 2

  1. Those pictures of the Buffalo River are GORGEOUS! Makes me miss america so much =(. I need to dig for diamonds. If I got anything shiny at all I would go insane – how fun would that be to have jewelry made from stones you found!!!!!

  2. I’m from Arkansas and I just love how diverse this state is!! I love that you can dig for diamonds, float the river, and still eat a fancy dinner all in one day 🙂

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