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I’m excited to share a post with you this week from a blogger whose work I absolutely adore!  Meet Madaline from Pretty Thing & Co.  Besides the love of blogging and pretty & old things, our love for Italy unites us.  She lives there now, and is an avid blogger.  I’m so glad that somehow we stumbled across each others’ blogs one day not very long ago.  We’re swapping posts today.  On her blog, I’m sharing an outfit I styled for myself based on a pair of shorts I found while thrifting in Italy.  Here, she is sharing an outfit that she found while thrifting in America.   It’s so cute, y’all!  Check her out =)

Madaline & her vintage American dress in Italy

Madaline 3 Ciao! I’m Madaline from Pretty Thing & Co. a beauty blog written from beautiful Rome, Italy: the beauty I find in the Eternal City, the beauty I find in the Italian landscape, what to wear in Rome, and of course European beauty products. Oh. And a large dose of my daily life that includes a lot of cappuccino (of course), gypsy’s breaking in, and stunning pictures of the beach (that I just maybe post way to often!).

Living in Italy is everything American’s imagine it to be : cappuccino’s everyday, pasta for lunch, strolling under the Italian sun. But the downside to being an expat is having a life that is spread out over continents… it might be your heart. It might be your loved ones. It might be your wardrobe (I have tri-coastal wardrobe – LA, Virginia, Rome). There is a continual touch of nostalgia in your life…
This pink dress is an American vintage find that I picked up years ago at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you live in the Southern California area this is a market you can’t miss. When I bought this dress I imaged wearing it riding my Debutante Schwinn beach cruiser down to the Atlantic from my Santa Monica apartment.  The sad fact is, I never wore this dress in SoCal. Not once.
The ruffled neckline. The floral’s. The bubble-gum pink color. This dress is, if nothing else, feminine. Light. The perfect dress for a warm afternoon in Rome. Tragically, the weather was not in agreement! For one solid week it has rained. No, I take that back. It has mini-hurricane’d. Was wearing this dress not to be?
Madaline Print
Wait an hour, the locals say. Wait just an hour and the humor of Rome changes.
A peek of sun. The clouds part. The Italian sun is back in her glory. The little American dress, purchased so long ago in Southern California, is finally making her Rome debut…

Did y’all love Madaline’s dress as much as I did?  It is so effortlessly adorable!  Having huge Roman entrance doors and the mini flag flying around didn’t hurt either =)  I’m so happy to have been able to share posts with this lady, and if you love my little spot on the web, you’ll definitely love her’s too!

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Until next time, darlings, Ci Vediamo!!!
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