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Spirited Sweet Tea Summer has officially decided to come back into our lives, and it is hot y’all.   I love it, though, because I’d rather be hot than to be an icicle.  I do, however, have a remedy ease those heat induced sweat beads rolling all around and even where the sun don’t shine.  This sweet tea recipe will perk your spirits right up!  *This is an alcoholic beverage.*  That note was for people like me that don’t usually pick up on hints haha, I have us covered. This spirited sweet tea is so simple to fix and serve.  I accidentally discovered it one day while preparing for a college party.  You know how that goes – complete shenanigans involving a last minute mall run as soon as all important errands are done, late afternoon naps to build up the energy of even thinking about a party, a trip to McDonald’s for sustenance… and with that trip to the golden arches automatically comes a large sweet tea.  That’s all I’m drinking off the menu!  Post Mickey D’s run is a liquor store run, and with that, getting ready for the night out began.  Instead of my usual “adult chocolate milk,” as my friends call my mudslide obsession, I tried Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum, which a friend had once served to me in a fruity mixed drink.  Passion Fruit Rum in one hand, sweet tea in another, and a unicorn was born right then and there.  It was magic! spirited sweet tea 4 But back to the story, clothes and makeup on, drinks in all hands except for the DD, this spirited sweet tea was the best tasting thing in the room.  So get you some, like now.  The how-to is below =)

Ingredients: spirited sweet tea 3 – Sweet tea (cold) – Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum Options: – Sugar – Mint – Lemon Easy Directions (for 1): Fill a normal sized glass 3/4 full of chilled sweet tea.  Add a shot or two or… of the passion fruit rum.  Give it a quick stir.  Consume. Directions (for 1), again.  A little less easy, but worth it. spirited sweet tea 5 Add your favorite tea condiment to the mix.  For me, this is mint.  Bruise your mint along with a pinch of sugar with either a mortar and pestle, by muddling it, or cutting it with a knife and applying pressure and grinding it back and forth in the cup with the back side of a spoon.  Pour your desired amount of tea and liquor over it, and serve. Directions (for the party): Purchase a gallon of sweet tea.  Pour out a cup full (drinking cup style), meaning pour you a glass and drink that tea straight, no chaser!  Add 1/2 cup to a 1 cup (measuring cup style) of the passion fruit rum.  Give it to your friends and watch as they love it and want to know what it is.  Send’em here and let them see how easy it is for themselves 😉 spirited sweet tea 2 It really is as simple as that, y’all.  Be careful, though, because the mixture of the passion fruit flavor and the sweet tea flavor mask the liquor a little too well.  Please, drink responsibly!  That means give your car keys to someone else and have a friend with you if you’re going out.  Most importantly: Po’ up, drank, and enjoy! spirited sweet tea 7 What is your favorite mixed drink for the summer? Pin this, try it later, and let me know if your answer is still the same!

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8 thoughts on “Recipe | Spirited Sweet Tea

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This looks like the perfect summer drink. Will most def be making this – gotta keep the kiddies away though – my little brother has a crazy sweet tea addiction (he’s 15!)! Plus this we’ll keep a beach trip WITH the kiddies a lil more sane, no?

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