When you give a Kid a (disposable) Camera


It is 2014 and, unlike when I was a child, the *roll, roll, snap* cameras are virtually obsolete.  What is a *roll, roll, snap* camera, you may ask?  It is a disposable camera – you know the sound that it makes when you have to wind it up until it clicks before you snap the picture?  When I was younger, you couldn’t catch me without my disposable camera.  I had one for every major and non-major event – the family reunions, on the playground, and even at my Barbie playdates.  Remembering all of the good times I had made visual memories of with my cameras, I decided to introduce my little cousins to the *roll, roll, click* life.  I don’t have children of my own, so my little cousins always get to experience my self-proclaimed great, fun, & adventurous ideas for young minds.  You can also see them here, Kiddos & Tostados, with me last summer cooking in the kitchen.

Z has been using my cameras and phones since he was 3 years old.  He has a good eye for creative photos.  I really think it is because he’s young and he takes pictures of things that adults normally overlook.  These are two of his pictures from 2011 at age 3.

z 2011 1 z 2011 2

The creative person in me just loves the creative person in him.  Whenever we are together he gets my cameras and my phone, no questions asked.  I never want to hinder his creative growth.

Ali just looked at me with mock excitement when I showed her the camera because, as we all know, Zeus is the camera lover – not her.  Surprisingly, though, she took the disposable camera assignment I gave them very seriously.

I explained to the kiddos that with this camera, there was not an endless supply of film.  They had 27 times to capture their surroundings, and that was it.   See what they captured below.

Z’s pictures

z1 z2 z3 z4Ali’s pictures

a5 a4 a3 a2 a1As you can see, the dance scene was poppin’ at our family reunion.  Youngin’s getting schooled in dancing manners, and heck just me and the youngin’s dancingeverywhere hahaha!

The photos may be super grainy, but the memories will last forever.   When was the last time you used a disposable camera?  Would you let your kiddos experience the magic of a disposable camera?  Does anyone still own a polaroid?  If so, can I use it? Haha!  Let me know in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “When you give a Kid a (disposable) Camera

  1. We’ve ended up with some really special and interesting photos by handing our kid the camera. I just let him use the point and shoot digital one, starting when he was about 3? They have a different perspective on the world.

  2. It’s so funny that you post about disposable cameras. I recently got married and one of our ideas at the time was placing a camera on each table for guests to take photos. We ended up not doing that, but I loved the idea! I actually used a disposable camera last summer at our family reunion (for my mother).

    • You know, I never got one of the underwater disposable cameras but they seemed so cool! And kiddos these days are so good with the technology, I bet she captured some good shots with your point&shoot

  3. Oh how I remember the disposable cameras. Many of my early traveling pictures were taken with them. They even had one that you could use under water. 🙂

    I love allowing kids to take pictures; gives another perspective to the event.

  4. Your family is so cute! I use to love those disposable cameras – honestly I miss them – when it was surprise everytime you got the film back (1 year later ahah).

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