Getting Crafty at Sunshine Glaze Studio

A few weeks ago Sunshine Glaze studio in Southlake, TX opened their doors to a handful of Dallas area lady bloggers.  Sunshine Glaze Creative Studio is a “contemporary Creative Art Studio located in Southlake Town Square Shopping center.”  I truly believe it has something for everyone to get creative with.  You can have events or take classes for kids or adults.  You can create anything from mosaic tiled letters, as we did, to painted pottery or even cute clay impressions.

sunshine glaze

We had a delightful evening of getting crafty and talking bloggy.  Adult beverages were involved, as well.  It was a great LNO (Ladies’ Night Out)!


We each created a mosaic monogram letter with a wooden letter as the base and pieces of tile to create patterns and designs. While at Sunshine Glaze, we chose which tile pieces we would like to create a style for our monogram letter. This was probably the hardest part for a few of us, and definitely the hardest part for me. What colors do I choose, what shapes do I want them in, what pattern do I want to create… should I even create a pattern… why is the sky green and the grass blue??? Or whatever… Le sigh. I finally managed to decide on my favorite color, green, and a pearly white color to go along with it. It took me forever to finally glue one down, but I did.  I managed to come up with what looked very camouflage to me, and it was still cute.

DSCN6181 DSCN6183

The take home process was very easy. After letting the pieces of tile that were glued onto the wooden letter dry (for a minimum of 24 hours), I mixed up the powder for the grout with a dash of water. Things got messy-fun here. I felt like I was legitimately playing in mud, because what grown-up isn’t looking for a reason to do that? Fast forward from mud play, and you clean the tiles off until they sparkle like a diamond in the sky (repeatedly using your hand to rub the grout off).

IMG_5162 IMG_5166 IMG_5167 IMG_5168 IMG_5173 IMG_5180

Let that bad boy dry, and you have yourself a piece of ART!  Mine in hanging in my cubicle to give the place some life, because cubicles can get mad sad, yo.


I thoroughly enjoyed this night out connecting with the ladies by talking about blogging and helping each other achieve the cutest letter possible over a glass of wine (or whatever was in those cups haha).  I would do it again in a flash, no questions asked!

When was the last time you had a creative night out on the town?  Would you ever go to Sunshine Glaze or a similar business in your area to get crafty?  Let me know in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Getting Crafty at Sunshine Glaze Studio

  1. That’s GORGEOUS. BTW. I hadn’t even realized you posted this – for some reason you weren’t showing up on my bloglovin’ I unfollowed and refollowed to see if this will fix the prob.

  2. What a fun opportunity Addie! I love how the A came out and I’m glad it brightens up your cubicle. You had me in stitches with “cubicles can get mad sad, yo” XD

  3. That turned out great! It doesn’t look hard either, which I love. I’ve wanted to try something like this. I’ll have to look if there are any in my area.

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