I’ve finally created a Bucket List

At the beginning of summer, just as it seems at the beginning of a new year, people feel rejuvenated and strive to live their lives to the fullest.  Hence, New Year’s resolutions and summer bucket lists.  Well, I’ve let y’all know before that I don’t really get jiggy with those January 1 resolutions, so – Surprise! I’m late to the bucket list dealio.  I over think the practicality of so many things way too much these days.  This real world 9-5 life is turning me into a true Grinch, y’all.  I really need to lighten up.  So here’s to the dreamer that lives in me, she was just a little lost.  There’s a touch of practicality because I’m going to make these things happen.  You know what they say, a goal without a plan is just a dream.  Therefore, I choose to dream, plan and achieve! =)

2014-2015 Bucket List

Visit friends in their new locations

you know how you graduate college and move on with life, and promise to always keep in touch?  How’s that going for you?  Me, not the best.  Facebook gives an overdose of life via updates and photos, but do you really know how your pals are doing?  I make an effort to text folks every blue moon, and I’m glad that a lot of them do the same, but it doesn’t quite add up to a legitimate reconnection with them.  Thus, I am planning trips to see their lovely faces.  I really miss their faces.

Visit a National Park

doesn’t matter which.  But it must involve no cell phone reception and lots of nature.

Spend at least 1 Day a week by the pool

because who doesn’t love the sun?!  I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.  *Summer Forever*

Daredevil stuffs

I need a roller coaster, zip line, hang glide, sky dive.  Anything of that nature will suffice.

Speed Dating

Have y’all ever done this before?  There is something intriguing about it to me now, and I want to give it a whirl!

Get ridiculously crafty

I haven’t done this in a while, and I miss it.  When the fall rolls around it will be my crocheting season, but I want to do more than that.  Sewing, painting, sketching, taking photographs.  It is time to get crafty!

Dance more

I’m not dancing as much as I used to, so time to turn that around.  Samba, reggae, hip hop – I must move my body!

OWNG Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  Whether you do or not, what is the one thing that would be at the top of a bucket list for you?  Let me know below! =)

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8 thoughts on “I’ve finally created a Bucket List

  1. I love your bucket list! I want to do some of the things on it. 🙂 But one I would add to the top of my list is visit Paris! It’s been my dream for so long, it needs to become a reality soon. 😀

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