Currently Working On… | 31 luglio 2014


Instead of catching y’all up with a ba-jillion posts on everywhere I’ve been up to lately, that’ll be my share for Currently Working On.  As I mentioned last week, I am spreading my Dallas wings.  Summer is the time for making memories, right?  What have y’all been up to this summer?  Here’s where I’ve been…

Sniffing stuff at Marshalls


Room spray, packs that rattle, and that candle! *emoji praise hands*  Natural scents are my absolute favorite.  I’m going back and I hope they have some more of the olive tree candles.  I need them.

Eating Swans

Swan 4Swan 1Swan 2

How fancy is this?  He was delicious, too, with his vanilla cream filling.  I also ordered a chicken & veggie empanada, and it was ridiculously yummy.  Found at Argentina Bakery in Irving, TX.

Wearing Vintage Ralph Lauren

Polo 1 Polo 2

Well, vintage is a strong word.  But it looks older, and I thrifted it for $5.  Hypothetical high five for the win! *there’s an emoji for that, too*

Tootsie’s Dallas Top Blogger 2014

Tootsies 14 Tootsies 8 Tootsies 6 Tootsies 1 Tootsies 18Tootsies 16

This is an annual competition and event that the clothing store, Tootsies, hosts.  Several fashion bloggers in the Dallas area get folks to vote for them, and the top 5 get to have a show-down, cat-walk style.  All of the clothes were pieces found in Tootsies.  And I made franssss.  See more on the oldworldnewgirl tumblr.

Reminiscing about Italy 

Italy '11

I have a few posts about Italy, and I’ve been posting #throwbacks as part of The Sophisticated Life‘s #30DayTravelChallenge on the ‘gram.  Instagram, that is.  Y’all follow me, right?  @oldworldnewgirl.  I miss my “Rome Sweet Home.”

Grill Master (read: Amateur)

grilling 1 grilling 2

I’ve never grilled before in my LIFE!  But this happened, and I’m proud.  Although I’ll still need to learn how to start the fire part, because I was lucky enough to catch the flames after one of my fellow complex-folks had finished grilling.


I could seriously keep typing and posting pictures, but I’ll have some self control and quit it right now haha.  With all that being shared, though, what are y’all currently working on?  Do tell, do tell.  The comment box is just waiting to hear your news, daaaahling.

Until we meet again!

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11 thoughts on “Currently Working On… | 31 luglio 2014

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  2. Omg. You’ve been up to a ton! I love that thrift find – I’m ebaying right now to find one myself! Also that swan is SO cool. I love food shaped as animals. That seems weird when I write it = haha

  3. I’m going to have to chekc out Argentina Bakery in Irving, TX. Empanadas are my favorite thing right now! Have you gone to Empa Mundo yet? It’s in Irving too, and it’s kind of amazing.

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