Painting with a Twist in Denton, TX

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Painting with a “twist.”  

I thought this was something that only my friends and I did on long summer nights.  Ya know – a glass (or bottle) of wine + your favorite drawing utensils.  A sip here, a line there.  A gulp here, a splash of color there.  Then comes the goofy conversation.  Followed by the “I don’t care, make it work” mistakes.  It is just the perfect girls’/friends’ night in.

But wait…  I’m glad I was wrong about it being just us!  

Painting With A Twist (in Denton & its other locations) is a chance to let go of all inhibitions and get artsy out in public with other folks.  Wait, what?  I know, right?  Getting crafty for the entire world (well, just the people in that room) to see.  It can be scary for some.  Luckily, your actual level of artistic talent matters not.  Just show up with eagerness, and they will lead you through it.  When I attended, my class’s self-proclaimed “paint god,” Scott, was a hoot!  Aside from painting and sipping, there were random moments of hollering when the bell sounded off, just for the heck of it.  That was fuuuun.

pwat rules

How does one Paint with a Twist?  

First, register for which painting you would like to create.

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The themes range from Christian artwork to a Doctor Who Tardis, and just about anything in between.  After registering, bring yourself, bring your friends/boo/sister/nephew/that one chick down the hall in your dorm, and bring your drank (read: alcoholic beverage of choice).  Everything else you need is covered with your registration costs.  This includes an instructor to teach you to paint the session’s art piece, step-by-step; the canvas, brushes, and paint.

Have fun!

I had a blast by just relaxing and following the instructor’s lead, knowing that the end result would be awesome no matter what.

pwat paint

pwat stepsHow great is it that all of us that attended the class followed the same instructions, yet produced canvases with our own unique twist on the theme?  We’ll all return to our homes and be able to tell guests, “Oh that little thing?  I painted it.  No biggie!”

pwat gnoIf you love to create, or if you’d like to create but fear you lack the ability to do so, this here class is for you.  And heck, it is plain entertaining.  I implore you, find your nearby Painting With a Twist and really go paint.. with a Twist!  Its mad fun, yo!

pwat me

When was the last time you ever let it all go and had fun out in public like no one was watching?  Have you ever Painted with a Twist?  Sound off in the comments below!

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