So this basically means it’s my birthday, right?  That’s what it feels like.  For me, thrifting is a lifestyle.  I’ve been sorting through the maze that is thrift stores since a tender young age (less than 10), finding cute shirts for me and accessories for my Barbies.  Now, all of the accessories and clothes are for me!  I appreciate thrift shops for their uniqueness.  I can so easily find things that reflect my personality when I’m in a thrift, vintage, or antique shop.  Old things speak to me; hence, the blog name.  I stay true to Old World New Girl.

Instead of going cray cray at all the thrift stores I could reach before closing hours today (I do that too much anyway), I just decided to share some of my favorite thrift store finds.  I really hold out on y’all until I have an occasion to wear some of my finds, or until I’ve fixed them up to my idea of perfection.  Today, I’m giving some peeks into my thrift world (you could probably thrift shop in my apartment)…. *muahahahhahaa*  Check it out!

Thrifted Furniture

This dresser is bomb!  I love the crenelation at the top, the handles are a very unique shape, and the height is exactly what I wanted, because I want to place a mirror on top of it.  It is currently under construction, and the final product will be featured here upon completion.  I also got the jersey and swimwear shorts at various thrift stores over the course of this year.  The jersey is what looks like a boy’s football practice jersey, and it functions as a cute coverup, or a splash of masculinity in an overall feminine outfit.

thrifted dresserthrifted dresser 2


I love finding non-traditional pieces and pieces that are worn for different reasons according to the ethnic group that created them.  I thought this Indian/Middle Eastern looking piece could be a new take on the currently popular “kimono.”  I googled it and it is called a sherwani.  I think it makes me look like I’m ready for a musical festival, or a fall day in Dallas.  Just throw it over a crop top and some shorts, and roll out!

sherwani 2sherwani 1

Half priced “very old jewelry box”

You will be my sweet little jewelry box.  And your pedestal ($7) is currently under construction, being sanded so that it can be stained to a different color.  I am also searching for a new fabric to cover it.  It should look something like the one here, but I have yet to find something I like.

old box 1old box 2

The Thrifted Outfit

Head to toe, bae-bee!  That includes the necklace, dress (Ralph Lauren shirt) and the shoes.  The grand total?  Less that $15.  Full blog post & tutorial coming soon.
thrifted outfit


So which piece do you like best?  What has been your favorite thrift store find?  Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you ever want a thrifting buddy, I’m always down – like four flats on a cadillac.  Always.  =)

Smooches to y’all.

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10 thoughts on “#NationalThriftShopDay

  1. I found an old tea cart that I loved and redid it and I’m more in love than ever. Your finds are awesome. I do have to confess that I’ve never bought clothing from a thrift store. I don’t know why, but I mainly look for things for my house.

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