Blog Elevated Restored My Faith in Humanity

A blogging conference did this, y’all.  In a nation and world full of self-indulgence, this conference brought together a group of people that have amazing hearts and that are full of passion.  Yea, sure I learned about affiliate programs, how brands choose to work with bloggers and good lighting techniques for better photo and video qualities (and I’m excited about it, too).  More importantly, though, I learned about a community of people who care about each other and the impact that they make on every person that reads their blog.

As the saying goes, people remember most how you make them feel.  Blog Elevated made me feel like a rockstar, a humanitarian, an innovator.  It is like a million arms are extended to gracefully catch me as I take my plunge into the trust circle.  Bloggers are, by nature, givers.  We each are passionate about what we write about, so much so that we want to share it with all who will listen and gain from it.  I am honored to be part of a tribe like this.

Key Takeaway Topics

I Am A Rockstar

I have within me the power to rock/succeed at what I’m passionate about.  This was the message that I gathered from Dayna Steele, one of the Blog Elevated speakers.  She is the brains behind Your Daily Success Tip, and her resume will show you that she has been surrounded by the best of the best rockstars while she worked as a radio and tv personality.  She did not differentiate between each of us (that includes you) and the rockstars she knows.  A rockstar is someone doing what they want, when they want, how they want, and giving back by doing it.  We all have the power to become rockstars in our own style.  How are you a rockstar?

I don't think Dayna Steele has ever met a stranger.  How awesome is she? =)

I don’t think Dayna Steele has ever met a stranger. How awesome is she? =)

addie and dayna steele

Monetizing isn’t as scary as I thought

Nor is it a sell-out.  There is a reason I didn’t do well in retail – I don’t believe in selling people something that they don’t want and that I don’t believe in.  I’ve always seen monetizing as a way of trying to make quick money by writing about something you really don’t care about.  I just have to do my research, be selective, know my worth, set my standards, and pray!  By researching, I can connect with brands that I am truly passionate about, and genuinely share them with my readers with no second thoughts about it.  Thanks Bjork Ostrom of Food Blogger Pro for that!

Delegate your work

Who cares that you’re a team of one?  Use resources that can help you get things that you need done without breaking the bank.  Let folks help you by paying them for services that they are highly skilled at (and that you are not).  These things would take several hours of your time (and frustration), whereas someone else can complete them quickly and professionally.  Don’t be afraid to say “I can’t do it all on my own.”  Personally, I have tried to do EVERYTHING on my own, and it is exhausting.  I can’t begin to explain the liberty I felt the other day when I enlisted the artistic service of someone on Fiverr.  I probably would have continued to use Fiverr like a lot of us use Pinterest – i.e. I would like a bunch of things but never act on them – had I not gotten the inspiration to do so from Blog Elevated speaker Matt Cherry of iBlog Magazine.  It felt so good, y’all!

You are not alone

I sang that in my Michael Jackson voice.  Could you hear it?  Small moments of realizing you have something in common with another living, breathing human being are amazing.  I am gracious for a simple piece of advice that comes so easily to another but that blows my mind (a moment of mentorship).  I received so many little nuggets of advice, but my favorite came from Cintia of about monetizing (or not).  Thank you, ma’am!

cintia addie blog elevated

Blog to change the world

I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while, but always thought “Who will listen to what I have to say?  Who will care?”  Simply put, if you write it and they feel it too, you will start a community.  This doesn’t automatically mean “blogger stardom,” but it does mean that while remaining true to myself, I will be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded people.  The Blog Elevated closing speaker, Kristen Welch of, started a charity (Mercy House of Kenya) and refocused her blog to be about other people, and not about herself.  Her selflessness is awe-inspiring!  She is a prime example of how bloggers can change the world. Faith in humanity #restored.


mercy house kristen welchmercy house and fair trade friday addie and kristen welch of mercy house mercy house kenya

Each of us can change the world in our own little way.  I am in the process of rebranding and refocusing my blog (evolution, y’all), and I am going to get back to bringing you content about sustainable living.  I want everyone to know that they can become more eco-conscious with small acts.   This doesn’t mean you have to give up your lifestyle.  Heck, if I want to go to the mall, gosh darn it, I will go to the mall.  But I will also balance it out with other acts such as second hand shopping, shopping locally, or purchasing fair trade merchandise.  There is so much I want to share with you all.  In due time, I will.  I am grateful for the boost the conference provided to me.   It’s time to elevate this blog, y’all.  How are you going to elevate your blog?  Your life?  Let me know in the comments below!

More fun photos!

See more about Blog Elevated (& check out the speakers that inspired me this year) by visiting their site.  I hope to see you there next year!

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24 thoughts on “Blog Elevated Restored My Faith in Humanity

  1. Wow! That is awesome that you has such a great experience! I attended my first conference this weekend and I also learned to ask for help! I love the new idea for you Blog! So refreshing! Good Luck!

  2. Wow! Glad you had such an amazing experience! I attended my first conference this past weekend too and I took away asking for help! It’s tough doing it all on your own especially the things I am not good at! I love the new idea for your blog! So refreshing!

  3. I plan to start public speaking this year. We didn’t meet but I’m happy to read your post and connect with you now!

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  5. This sounds like a great conference. I haven’t been to my first conference yet. I’m hoping to go to one soon. Thank you so much for sharing. This is making me even more excited to go to one.

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time! I love the concept of blogging to change the world. I personally feel that we, as bloggers, have the perfect outlet for others to hear our voice. It’s a great way to make a difference! I hope to make it to a blogger conference next year.

  7. Great recap! I wish this was the conference I went to instead of Type-A. I love Blog-Elevated! They are such helpful group of people. I’m happy you have enjoyed your time. I’ve been rebranding my blog too so it wouldn’t be just product reviews.

  8. I have been to a few Bloggy Boot Camps and am looking for few new conferences to go to next year. I loved your recap of Blog Elevated and am seriously thinking about this one!!

  9. Love, I have been looking into what conference to attend…loved your thoughts and re-cap, thanks for sharing and good luck with your re-brand! Fun times ahead for you!!!

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