Dreaming of a Forever Summer

summer forever

this cold weather has no chill; i am not amused

Cold weather has never been my friend.  Born on a cold (I don’t recall, but I’m sure it was) December day with bronchitis just chilling in my lungs, winter and I have been sworn enemies ever since.  So I’ll dream about a forever summer.  A land with no boots or coats out of necessity – forgive me fall/winter fashion lovers; I’m trying to repent of this obvious fashion sin.  It ain’t working so far.   A land where swimsuits abound.  I recently attended a Don Coleman swim suit cover up fashion show – I’ll take one of each to have and wear everyday.  As much as I love socks (& I really love socks), I’ll take bare feet or open toe heels, thanks!  At the rate we humans are going with our inability to stop senseless pollution, though, this forever summer may become a reality sooner than we think.  But I’m sure it’d be more like The Book of Eli; no glorious lazy beach days, just savagery.

Alas, seasons change – it never fails.

Fall, I like your leaves.  Especially back home in Arkansas.  Winter, you birthed me, and my masala chai tea tastes better with you.  Plus you bring Thanksgiving and Christmas with you, duh.  What’s not to love about company like that?

Let me get my Halloween costume together, post some recipes to help make our Thanksgiving more delicious, and decide what type of sustainable representation of a Christmas tree (like OneTwoTree) I can create this year.

Summer, I’ll see you next year… Fall and Winter, be kind to me, please.

What is your favorite season?  Summer definitely makes me the most happy.  Let me know your happy season in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Forever Summer

  1. Summer, warmth, laughter, joy. Everything seems more beautiful in summer!! As I grow older I am beginning to appreciate Fall and Spring a bit more but Winter… winter and I are still enemies! Something about the long days and the summer sun just make life so perfect. The short, cold, snowy days of winter are good for a week and then I would love to send them packing, back to where they came from!

  2. Winter’s at the bottom for me–it’s just cold here in Charleston and doesn’t bring any pretty snow or anything. We don’t really have a spring, so I don’t even know what that’s like! It’s probably a tie between summer (beach, cookouts, longer days) and the brief autumn we get (slightly cooler temps, bonfires, football).

  3. I’m a summer girl, too! I’m trying to get along with fall because of Thanksgiving and winter brings my favorite holiday, Christmas. But my heart belongs to the Caribbean and I’m always counting the days until I’m back there basking in the sun drenched days of forever summer.

    • I knooow, holidays seem like they’d make it hard to not like them, but yet I still bump heads with them because of the weather. I can’t wait to see all of your holiday posts =) and let’s countdown together… I googled it – 247 days to go!

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