Plaid + Fur for Fall | Refashioned Thrift Shirt

faux fur

Thrifting is still a thing, y’all.  One of my thrifting rules is to step outside of your comfort zone by searching different departments for patterned fabrics and playing with the patterns to create an outfit of your own.  In my pattern search I have come across some crazy wicked shirts, but there was always a problem.  All of the shirts were not my size!  This plaid refashioned shirt is one of them, so I’ve got just the remedy for that.

refashioned oversized shirt

Plaid is perfect for fall and winter.   This oversized shirt-turned-top (you’ll see how large it is on me in the video below) is a 2x men’s shirt that I found for $7 at Goodwill in Galveston, TX.  Shoes: thrifted $10 // Pants: TJ Maxx $16 // Fur scarf: JC Penny’s $25

refashioned shirt

It’s like thrift store magic!  *insert unicorns and rainbows*   Plaid is so perfect for fall.

diy shirt fur

Here’s  more summer-friendly version where the shirt can be worn as a dress.

IMG_5624ralph lauren button upnine west purse details

Check out the video below to see how you can chang an oversized shirt into a fitted halter top or dress.

Let’s make old stuff new.  See it with new eyes, give it a new life.  Grab an oversized shirt for yourself and show me how you style it! Follow along with the hashtag #oldworldnewStyle on social media to see more Old World New Girl outfit styling!

Until next time, darlings!

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26 thoughts on “Plaid + Fur for Fall | Refashioned Thrift Shirt

  1. Who would have ever thought of something like this. That is so creative. Maybe when I drop a few pounds I can upcycle my husbands button up shirts he no longer wears! I love it.

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