‘Ello there!  I see you’ve navigated your way to know more about the girl behind Old World New Girl.  Well, now.. Let’s see.

About Old World New Girl – The Blog

logoThink of OWNG as one long, never ending road trip of exploring this old world we’ve inherited, but with a new set of eyes.  While on this journey, we’ll photograph all that we see, especially amazing architecture and art, we’ll try delicious food and recipes.  We must certainly dress our best and try not to be fashionably late.  We will do this all in style while being sustainable and mindful that this is the only earth that we inherit and leave behind for the next sets of new eyes to love and explore.

About Addie

IMG_1198_2When I grow up, I want to be an architect that restores building sustainably. One degree down, one to go {see portfolio}…  Also, I am a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman that has been alive for 24.5 years, not counting the time I served in the womb.  I am a lover of a myriad of things, which is why OWNG covers several different topics.  Eclectic?  Yes – and it all fits perfectly.  I mean, who leads a one subject life?   If you happen to lead a one subject life (I’m not judging), no worries.  OWNG will show you the world, from my eyes to yours!



10 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know how you found me (my blog,) but I’m sooo glad you did, because now I’ve found YOUR blog and can hardly wait to follow along your journey! Your new hairstyle is absolutely adorable, btw! 🙂 🙂 Love it!

    • It all started with an ARWB tweet I saw a few hours ago. Disney has taught me that this us the way great friendships are forged lol =) I look forward to following your journey and that awesome furniture, as well! Thanks, doll! =)

  2. I love that you included a Disney gif on your about page! That is so cool you want to be an architect.

    I’m stopping by from the #tribaldare! I’m Teresa and I blog over at Crafty Wife where I share my craftaholic tendencies, obsession with Disney, and newfound love of photography. I can’t wait to connect with you more! Have a wonderful week!

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