So this basically means it’s my birthday, right?  That’s what it feels like.  For me, thrifting is a lifestyle.  I’ve been sorting through the maze that is thrift stores since a tender young age (less than 10), finding cute shirts for … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Made in Germany

Did you know that thrifting can take you all over the world? This shirt’s fabric is from Germany, while the actual shirt was assembled in Mexico.  100% Rayon, because who doesn’t love fake cotton? That 100% Polyester mustard colored skirt? … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Something Old, Something New

Back to the “Something old, something new…” adage – check out this mix of thrifted & new fashion all in one outfit! Some old things… The shirt is a thrifted corduroy pearl snap button up.  That basically means awesomeness.  Pearl snaps, … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Granddad’s Sweater

“I wear your granddad’s clothes… I look incredible” I think I need a new thrifting song… But Thrift Shop is so timelessly epic. And this here old sweater.. it rocks.  I mean, aren’t all the fashionable and trendy stores trying … Continue reading

Fashionably Late: Elegant Thrift Fashion

Fashionably Late: Elegant Thrift Fashion

First & foremost… I graduated! Thrifty and Elegant I’m madly obsessed with thrifting and finding awesome clothes, both new and old, at thrift and vintage resale stores.  For my college graduation, there was no way I was going to wear … Continue reading